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You are losing traffic because of these marketing mistakes.

In digital marketing, we do marketing mistakes every single day and due to these mistakes, we are losing traffic and sales.

Nobody is perfect in digital marketing, making marketing mistakes is a common thing but making those mistakes, again and again, will cost you losing traffic and sales constantly.

The main thing is not how many marketing mistakes you make in your marketing, the main thing is how you correct them.

That is why in this article, I will mention all the everyday digital marketing mistakes that you make without even realizing that such things can be very important for your website.

Not only will I mention the most common marketing mistakes made by you but I will also tell you, how you can correct them.

Ignoring Mobile visitors

When you are visiting your own website or when you are customizing, you usually do it on your computer for which your website is generally optimized.

Most probably, you never visit your own website from a mobile device where screen size and ratio are very different if we compare it to the computer screen.

It is also possible that a lot of people think that not a lot of people visit their website from a mobile device, so they do not think of optimizing their website for mobile users.

in 2022, more than half of the visits to a website are mostly from mobile devices.

percentage of web traffic coming from mobile.

that is a huge amount.

This means that if your website is not optimized for a mobile device, you are losing more than half of your traffic without even realizing it.

If you visit a website that was not optimized for your device, you will most probably just exit the website immediately and you will not be visiting that website again.

That is why it is really important to make your website optimized for a mobile device as well.

Once you optimize your website for mobile devices, you will start seeing an increase in traffic as previously those mobile phone visitors who exited your website right after and never came back will now start staying on your website for a longer period of time.

promoting without a blog

If you do not have a blog on your website, then traffic is not the only thing that you are losing.

You might not realize how important a role a blog has on a website.

A blog is not only responsible for bringing traffic to the website, it has many other important functions as well.

When you are promoting your product, you are not building a relationship with your customers.

Building a relationship with your customers can be achieved by making a blog.

With a blog, not only you can discuss different topics with your visitors but you can also engage with them directly in the comments.

So, whenever you receive a comment on your blog, make sure to reply to that comment and make a conversation.

It will make an, even more, deeper relationship with your customer and will make them loyal to you and to your product.

Other than getting traffic to your product and making a relationship with your customer, a blog also helps you to grow your brand name.

So, if you do not have a blog yet created on your website, go and create one as the amount of traffic, sales and customer relation that you are losing cannot be ignored.

Ignoring social media platforms

Number of social media users in 2022

These days, social media platforms are on the rise.

Almost every person nowadays on the internet uses social media.

You might think or take social media platforms only as platforms for socializing with people and for nothing more than that.

But in reality, Social media platforms are one of the best sources for getting traffic to the website.

You might not have noticed but there is a great chance that your competition might already be utilizing Social media platforms for getting traffic and sales to their website.

So, if your competition is already using social media for generating traffic and sales, then why are you not doing it?

Also, with social media, you do not need to worry about expenses as it can be done for totally free without even investing a single dollar unless you try out their advertising.

With social media, you can also create awareness of your brand name as well which will grow your business and its brand and will make it more recognizable which will result in more sales and more traffic as well.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are already providing tens of thousands of visitors every single month to big websites such as Mailchimp.

Invest money wisely

these days, everyone talks about online advertising platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

These platforms have been proven for producing great results such as getting traffic and sales.

These platforms can also work for you as well if you try the right strategies while running ad campaigns on them.

But this does not mean that every strategy will work the way you want it to work and will result in profit for you.

A lot of times, you will end up losing money from the campaign.

Once you have tried a strategy and it did not work out, trying that strategy just to see it produce good results will not work in a good way.

You will end up losing money.

SO either you should change up your strategies and try more effective and more proven strategies or you should modify your previous strategies.

Once you have run an ad campaign, then measure the ROI or return on investment that you got on that.

subtracting the amount of money you put into that campaign from the amount of money you made from that campaign and then dividing it by the total money that cost you for the campaign.

If you got a good ROI, then you can try that strategy again but if your ROI is negative or if it is very low, then better change your whole strategy or make necessary changes to your strategy.

Running campaigns without any measurements of ROI will often cost you losing money and sales.

Not knowing your target audience

Generally, when you choose your niche, you already have some points in your mind on what type of audience you will be promoting your products to in this niche.

But at that point, you are considering a wide audience in that niche who you think can relate to your product.

But when you are promoting your products to a wider audience, usually it does not work out that is because you do not know your target audience.

By target audience, I am referring to those people who can relate to your products with a lot of points and can buy your product.

For example, if you are in digital marketing and your product is related to SEO, now will all people in the digital marketing niche come and visit your product?

No, because even if SEO products fall under digital marketing it does not mean that all people can relate to it, as some of them will be looking for email marketing products and some for content management products.

So, you need to find your target audience which is ready to buy your product.

For that, you can take surveys and find out, what type of audience you need to promote to, how you market to them, etc.

A lot of time, what we think our target audience is actually not the right audience.

So make sure that you are promoting to the right people.

To know more about finding a target audience, you can click here.

Not focusing on Website speed

Bounce rate by website loading speed

Many websites ignore their loading speed thinking that it does not make much of a difference.

This mindset ends up costing that website a huge loss in sales and in traffic as well.

We are impatient by nature.

Even a second delay in the website loading time can end up costing you a lot of money.

On the other hand, even if you can make your website a second faster, you will see absolutely amazing results both in the time spent by users on your website as well as the number of sales that will increase from previous periods.

A good website loading time speed is generally considered to be under 3 seconds.

However, for some other websites such as eCommerce websites, it is better to have a loading time of under 2 seconds.

There is no limit on how fast your website should be, as the faster it will be the higher your rankings will be on search engines and your conversion rate will also be higher.

The majority of the time, the loading time of your website depends on the hosting service that you have chosen for your website.

If your website loading time is bad, then you might want to change your hosting provider even if you have to pay more money.

Because the money that you will pay to improve your website loading time will be nothing compared to the advantages that you will have after you improve the loading time.

There are other things that you can do as well in order to improve your website speed.

Such as compressing the images that you have used, and removing graphics that do not have much use on your website.

Also when posting a video on your website, do not post directly, instead interrogate a youtube video that will be uploaded on youtube sever and will not make your website slower.

Click here to learn more about improving website speed.

Ignoring CRO

average conversion rate
Conversion rates can vary with different niches.

The first thing that all people do after setting up a website is to get traffic to the website.

While getting traffic to your website is important but what is the purpose of the traffic that you are driving to your website?

The purpose is to make sales and convert that traffic into customers for profit but what if you cannot convert the traffic into customers?

Will that traffic is of any value if the main purpose is failed?

I don’t think that traffic is worth a lot to a website if it does not convert into traffic.

And that is why conversion rate optimization is as important or even more important than getting traffic to a website.

But what is the conversion rate? It is the number of visitors who do the required action out of every 100 visitors, so if your purpose is to sell a product and 3 of your visitors buy the product out of 100, you have a conversion rate of 3%.

You may ask what a good conversion rate is, but that depends on the industry by indu6, for digital products, a good conversion rate is considered to be above 3% but it also depends on the price of the product as well.

But how do you improve your conversion rate?

Make your website simple. If you make your website too complex and users find it hard to find the part of the website they are searching for then how can you sell them products if they don’t even find them?

Include a search bar. Also make your purchase page simple, because if you ask for a lot of unnecessary things, which users can’t provide or are bothered to provide then they may leave your website.

Do a/b testing with different parts of your website and try the ones which work the best by using tools like crazzyegg.

Website speed also plays a huge part in conversion rate, if the speed is up, the conversion rate will be higher and vice versa.
Neil Patel said that in the first 5 years of his marketing, he made a big mistake by only focusing on getting traffic to his website.

Because of that traffic, he did not make any money as he failed to convert them.

So make sure you do not make the same mistake as Neil Patel.

To learn more about CRO, click here.

Not using push notifications

There are a lot of platforms that are used and you can use them to get traffic to your website.

You can promote your website on these platforms and get visitors to your website.

But what is after? will you keep relying on these platforms such as social media to provide you, visitors, every single time?

What if sometimes your posts do not align with the algorithm of the platform and you do not get any engagements?

Even with things such as Email marketing, you do not fully control your marketing as a lot of times the email that you will be sent to your subscribers will either be sent into the spam folder or it will be sent into the promotion folder.

Not only that but most of the visitors that will once visit your website will not come back to your website again.

This means that you will need to keep generating new visitors to your website.

But how do you fix that?

There is a very simple solution to this which more people ignore thinking they do not have much of an effect which is wrong.

To solve the problem, you will need to stop ignoring Push notifications and put push notifications on your website.

If you do not know what push notifications are, then I am sure that you have seen them.

Have you ever got those notifications in your browsers that give you updates on various websites?

Well, those are push notifications and they work really well for bringing back traffic to your website.

You may ask how do you send those push notifications to the people who come to your website?

Do not worry, as doing that is very simple and easy.

First, choose a push notification service such as Onesignal or Subscribers.

You can choose whatever you want, then make an account like here, we will take Onesignal as an example.

Then, you will need to enter your website’s URL into Onesignal and if you are on WordPress, you will need to download its Plugin.

In the plugin, you will need to enter 2 codes which will be provided to you in your main account on Onesignal website.

And you will be all set.

This was a short introduction to how you can easily put Push notifications on your website.

You can watch this video to learn in detail how to put push notifications on your website.

Not working on SEO

In 2022, doing SEO is hard and that is the truth.

But many people have started saying that it is dead, which is wrong.

Even though, SEO is much harder to do nowadays than it used to be in previous years due to higher competition and Google’s algorithm for ranking websites.

But that does not mean that you can not do SEO for your website and take its advantage.

More than half of the traffic of the website comes from SEO, and the traffic that you receive from SEO converts even better than the traffic that comes to your website from paid advertising.

SEO takes at least a year or at the lower end, at least 6 months to start showing results but it is worth it because if you can maintain your rank, you will keep getting traffic to your website every single month.

There are still a lot of keywords that you can rank for as they do not have that much competition.

And finding such keywords is also not a hard task ad you can use various tools such as Ubberusggests to find such keywords.

Just go into Ubberusggests and any other keyword-finding tool and put in the name of your niche and it will show you the keywords with the lowest difficulty.

These tools also show you how many monthly searches are made on those keywords.

If you want to learn how to do SEO, you can read this article by H-Educate.

Not collecting Emails.

Due to the rise of Social Media, marketers often put a lot of effort into social media marketing sometimes even preferring it over Email marketing.

While Social media marketing is effective, it cannot be compared with how effective Email marketing has been over the years.

Not only Email marketing is still effective but it is expected to keep growing over the next years which means that you do not even need to worry about email marketing’s future.

If you want to just make an estimate of how effective email marketing can be, then just keep in mind that the average ROI or return on investment in email marketing is 3800% which means that on average, every dollar spent on email marketing will provide you with a return of 38 dollars.

Which is absolutely amazing.

But a common mistake which is made by a lot of people is not asking visitors to provide their email through a sign-up pop-up form.

This way, you are losing a lot of potential customers and sales as well as visitors to your website as well as by their email, you can inform them about your new posts which can bring them back.

To solve this, you will need to put a signup form on your website for which you can use any email marketing software such as Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Hello bar, etc.

You can click below to read an article in which you will explain in detail how you can make a signup form on your website.


Making marketing mistakes is a common thing and we all do.

There may not be a single person on this planet who can say that I have never made a marketing mistake.

That is because mistakes are inevitable.

If you have noticed that you are also making a lot of marketing mistakes which I have mentioned in this article, then instead of being discouraged by thinking, that I have wasted a lot of time, you should focus on fixing your marketing mistakes.

In digital marketing, usually, all the strategies are connected to one another in some way or another.

So, this means when you will be fixing one of your marketing mistakes, the effect your other marketing mistakes is having on our business will also reduce.

Try to fix these mistakes one by one with patience by learning what you are doing wrong in the basics.

It will also be better if you can make a list of what mistakes you will be correcting first, and what later on as this will help you to manage all the mistakes.

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