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Top landing page mistakes you are doing

Landing pages are one of the most important and valuable elements of any marketing campaign, They deserve equal time as you give to any other marketing strategy let’s say for getting traffic.

What is the use of that traffic which does not convert into customers, and usually the main reason for having traffic but not conversion is the landing page, your landing page has something wrong in it that you have failed to detect and fix which is stopping you from converting your traffic into customers?

But how will you know what those mistakes are, and most importantly how can you fix those mistakes and make your landing better in a way that it starts converting people into customers?

That is what this article is, it will teach you the most common mistakes that you are and can be possible making on your landing page that you need to fix in order to get a good conversion rate and start converting a good part of your traffic into customers.

requiring too many fields to fill

On a landing page, it is common to ask for information from the visitors of that landing page before completing the conversion, since this information is crucial to gain in order to complete the conversion, that is why one cannot skip asking for the visitor’s information for finalizing the conversion.

However, if asking for information on a landing page to your visitors for finalizing the conversion is not the problem, then what is the mistake? well asking for too much information for your visitors in order to complete the conversion is a big mistake that you might be making on your landing page.

This mistake becomes even bigger when the visitor who is visiting your landing page is a first-time visitor, who is not much familiar with your landing page or with your brand.

Such first-time visitors usually are not determined to buy something from you or even give you much information and if you ask them for too many fields to fill, well there you go, you will be giving them another reason to just exit your landing page without completing the conversion.

Even with the visitors who are much more familiar with your brand, this is a big problem as no one wants to spend their important time filling out fields, and giving out their important information just to complete a purchase.

But then what is the solution to this mistake, what can you do in order to fix this mistake or at least decrease the effect that it will have?

The best way for fixing this mistake is to only ask for information that is necessary and not a single word more than it.

And even the information which is necessary, you should not ask your visitor to write in detail about it, just small fields to fill, and the other thing that you can do is to make this process of providing information much faster by optimizing your forms, and making them much easier to fill.

High loading time for the landing page

The amount of time that your landing page will take to load is one of the most important factors when it comes to conversion rate, but you might not be aware of this fact.

It is highly possible that the main reason for the low conversion rate of your landing page can be the high amount of time that your landing page is taking to load.

This stat might surprise you but even a second delay in the loading time of your landing page can decrease your conversion rate by 7%.

But how do you know if your landing page is taking too much time to load, or is the loading time good?

For that, you can look at average data.

On average, a loading time for a landing page that is considered good is somewhere under 3 seconds, however, it is better if your landing page should take less than 2 seconds to load for a better conversion rate.

But what if the loading time of your landing page is more than the average good loading time?

What can you do to fix it?

The fix thing that you will need in order to fix the long loading time of your landing page is to change or improve the hosting server on which your landing page is currently hosted.

If your landing page is hosted on a bad hosting site it can be a reason for the long loading time for your landing page, so you should change your hosting provider to a better one, however, the better thing is to use Leadpages for making a landing page, as it also provides you with hosting which will give your landing page fast loading time.

Changing your domain name provider to a better one can also improve your landing page speed and reduce the time it takes to load.

You should also take steps for optimizing the visuals on your landing pages such as graphics and images and making sure that their size is not too much for the landing page to load, optimize their size so that they are easier and faster to load.

Bad Headlines

Headlines are one of these first things which are seen by the eyes of your visitors, and therefore Headlines are most of the time responsible for making the first impression on your visitors which is crucial in making the visitor determined for fulfilling the conversion.

Lack of focus and time invested in the headline can become another reason for the low conversion rate of your landing page, if a Headline fails to get the attention of your visitors, they will most probably not have any further interest in scrolling your landing page and will not convert, therefore.

But what is considered a good headline?

Well, including a word or two for greeting the visitor to your landing page can be good, but the main point is telling the user why they need to buy the product or at least give their information and fulfill the conversion.

one of the important things a headline should have is that it should tell the visitor why your product or your brand is special, how it is unique, and there is no other brand like this.

Your headline should also be solving a common problem that your visitor might be experiencing, in this way they will take your product as a solution to their problem.

Making a little bit of curiosity in the minds of your visitors is another good thing to include in your headline, adding such lines which can make your visitors curious.

Another way to improve your headlines is by doing A/B testing, you should test two different variants of a headline and if the new one is better than the older one, you should continue with the new one and then repeat this process again and again, and with time, your headline will improve significantly.

Adding multiple CTA

CTA is the most important part of your landing page since it will be responsible for the final part of the conversion, it does not matter how interested the visitor is in your offer and how good your product and your landing page are, the conversion will never happen.

The whole purpose of all the other elements on your landing page is to make your visitors click on the CTA which is usually in the form of a button.

When you will be adding more than one CTA or call to action, then you will fail to make your landing page elements like Headlines, text, and images to make the visiting interested in clicking on the CTA since there will be more than one on the page.

Another big disadvantage f adding more than one CTA to your landing page is that it will make your visitors confuse to lick on which of the multiple CTA you are showing them on your landing page.

You should keep this in mind that the better your visit will know what he has to do, the higher will be the conversion rate and the more confused your visitors will be about what their purpose is on your landing ape, the fewer chances there will e of these visitors turning into customers for your brand and for your product.

That is why adding more than one CTA on your landing page will turn terrible for you, and it is a bad idea that you should be avoiding at all costs.

If you really want to have multiple CTAs, you should be making separate landing pages for each of the CTAs for a better conversion rate.

For that, you can again use leakages as you can make unlimited landing pages with any of its plans, and therefore you should not be worrying about making multiple landing pages for each of the CTA that you want to have.

Too many words

The previous mistake mentioned above leads to our following mistake which to not all but to some extent is similar to the previous one.

Just like adding more than one CTA can make the visitors of your landing page confused, and will obviously lower the conversion rate since they will lose the idea of what is their purpose on that landing page, similarly adding more words than necessary to represent your product or your offer can also result in making your visitors on the landing page confused.

You should always remember the original purpose of your landing page, and that is to represent an offer to the visitors of that landing page in such a way that the visitors, or at least the maximum amount of visitors cannot refuse or reject that offer.

And all the elements, text, and headlines that you add on that landing page are related o that offer that you’re trying to present to the visitors, and the more words that you try to add to your landing page, there will be more chances of you actually forgetting to present the original offer and rather talking about something else which can turn out to be a distraction for visitors from clicking on the CTA button.

Every distraction that you add to your landing page can directly affect the conversion rate, in a negative way not in a positive way. And phrases on your landing page that were not necessary to have been one of the most common causes of such distractions which happen with the visitors and stop them from becoming customers.

Not only does adding too many words become a distraction but it can also ruin your presentation of your offer, and ruining your offer presentation on your landing page will mean that the visitors will not be able to understand what exactly you are offering, and by this obviously mean that lower conversion rate.

Nowadays, people try to not waste their time on websites they have nothing to do and as a result, visitors spend very little time on a landing page understanding its offer and seeing what it is about as it is the work of a landing page to explain the offer, not of the visitor himself.

According to data, the average amount of time visitors spend in focusing on a landing page understanding an offer is 5 seconds, and you have to explain your offer to your visitors in that short amount of time, by his you can already understand that adding too many words is not the best way to explain your offer in such a short amount of time, rather it is more like the fewer words you need to explain your offer, the more chances you will have of getting the interest of the visit in those 5 seconds.

There avoid adding too many words on your landing page as that can turn out to be a reason for major distraction on your landing page, ruining your offer presentation and confusing the visitors which can make them leave your landing page.

Instead, you should use words that are very necessary to explain your offer or your product, you can also highlight certain words to increase their importance which can help you in reducing the number of words you had to right in further explaining the word if not highlighted.

No A/B testing

Not doing A/B testing is a major reason for no improvement in the conversion rate of the landing page, since there will be no test between different variants of your landing pages, first of all, the results of your landing page will stay the same, and secondly, even if you make changes to your landing page without AB/B testing, you will be throwing arrows at the sky with closed eyes.

If you do not know at do I mean by A/B testing, then here in this context, by A/B testing I mean testing two different variations of a landing page, usually, the two variants that you will be testing, one will be the variant that you will already be using and the other variant will be the landing page where you changed one thing on the landing page.

And then you will launch the A/B test between those two variants, and after some time on average a week, you will have the results of the A/B testing and you will know which version of the two worked better.

If the second variant worked better, it means that there is a better solution to your landing page and then you can start using the second variant of your landing page which provided better results in the A/B testing, however, if the original variant performed better, well then you can keep doing testing and you will keep learning that which type of changes work better and which type of do not, so it is a win-win situation.

You should start doing A/B testing from today, however, there are some things that i will mention below that you will need to keep in mind.

First, you need to decide the element that you will be testing, for example, the headline, if you are testing two different variants of the headline of your landing page, then one variant will e your original headline which you will be currently using and in the other will be the new headline that you want to see will work better than the original one or not.

After you have decided which element of your landing page you want to test, you should make the second variant of your landing page, and after that, you need to run the test with the help of a tool.

There are a lot of tools that can help you run A/B testing, however, Leadpages is one of the best among such tools and I recommend you to use lead pages as well when doing A/B testing.

Now after a week or so depending on the traffic, you will have enough data to see which variant worked, and then you can analyze the data and improve your landing page increasing the conversion rate in the process.

No reviews to build trust

Trust is a major part of any type of conversion, whether it is a big task such as buying a product or whether it is as simple as proving information for a lead magnet, visitors always consider trust to be a valuable factor before clicking on the CTA button and completing the conversion.

However, a lot of times, there is no such element on a landing page that should become a factor for the visitor to have trust for that landing page or for the brand who has made that landing page and is offering something.

The lack of such elements result in visitor not trusting the landing page and therefore not taking the offer, which obviously means fewer conversions and a lower conversion rate.

That is why is very necessary for you to add such elements on your landing page which can be a trust-building factor for the visitors of your landing page.

What kind of elements can be such trust-building factors that you should add to your landing page?

The best kind of elements that add to your landing page can be a trust-building factor are the reviews of your previous customers who have already used your product or have been customers of your brand in any other way.

adding such reviews on your website will make the new visitors trust your brand and your products as well since they will know that other people who used this product or are a customer of this brand are happy and therefore they will be less worried to become one of your customers as well.

Lack of trust reviews is not only the factor for the lack of trust between you and your landing page visitors, saying over-exaggerated things about your product can also make you look like more of a scam and less of a trusted brand, so even though you have to market your product do I without over exaggerating the qualities and benefits of your product.

Another thing that you can add to your website in order to build more trust between you and the visitors of your landing page is adding the logos of other trusted companies that you’re working with or you are partnering with, also if your brand has some awards, mentioning them on the landing page will also be a great practice.

Not making separate landing pages for different traffic

You might not realize and think that it is completely normal, and you might be sending all of your traffic to the same landing page thinking that it does not matter and there will not be any negative effects, however, you are wrong.

The results that you can get by driving different types of visitors to different types of landing pages are much more positive, effective, and amazing.

If you want to understand the importance of multiple landing pages for multiple types of traffic in a better way, you can look out to a study done by Hubspot.

Hubspot did a study and then they find out that the marketers who have nearly 40 landing pages get seven times more conversions than those marketers who only have about 5 landing pages, this result may shock you however considering how effective it can be to send specific visitors to the landing pages built specifically for them, the conversion rate really does increase strongly.

And since the whole purpose of a landing page is to somehow convince the visitor into clicking g on the CTA button, the better you can hit the interests of the visitors of the landing page, the better the landing is at his work of convincing the visitor into clicking on the CTA.

However, not all the traffic is the same as different visits are very diverse and have different interests if you look a little deeper even if they seem to have similar interests if you look as a whole.

And that is why if you make separate landing pages for every different type of visitor and then make those landing pages in such a way that they target the interests of those certain visitors with certain interests, you will be much more likely to get more conversions.


Landing pages are a great way to convert visitors into customers in a better way and provide a much better solution than converting visitors into customers directly from a website.

Even though landing pages do have amazing advantages, it is also a common thing to make multiple mistakes when making them, and the worst part is that you might not even notice that you are making such mistakes which can turn into a disaster for you.

That is why in this article I have mentioned some of the most common mistakes that you can make while building a landing page, and not only i have mentioned those misakes i have also told you the ways through which you can fix those mistakes.

From not having multiple landing pages for different types of visitors to not having enough elements on your landing pages to build trust with your visitors, I have mentioned it all.

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