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How to sell products through email marketing

In online marketing, There are a lot of ways to increase sales. But some of the ways prove to be more effective for increasing sales than the other ways.

Email marketing is one of those methods which have been proven to work more effectively than most the other methods.

As we all know, email marketing has an amazing return on investment and other benefits but you will also have to do a lot of work for it.

Even after collecting and making an email list, you might not be able to bring full revenue out of that email list. 

In this article, I will be teaching you the ways how you can get the most amount of money from the same-size email list.

Send welcome emails to your email subscribers

Once you have built your list, you have written your marketing email, and you are about to send it but stop, there is another thing that you will need to do before you send marketing emails.

You will need to send welcome emails often to your email subscribers because new users will keep getting added to your email list as time will go on.

You might not think of that but the first email you send to your email subscribers can bring great results if done correctly.

Your new email subscribers would probably not have enough knowledge about you and without having enough trust in a company or knowledge about a company, people do not buy products from that company.

So in the welcome email that you send email to your subscribers, You should be telling them about your company, its features, and how they can be useful for them.

Offering a special offer in your welcome email to make your subscribers feel that the special offer is a warm welcome for them can increase your sales by a lot.

Ecommerce companies have got up to 92 % increase in revenue, 92 % is not a usual number.

However this depends on you, either you might want to give a discount or you might want to do it in your own way.

mentioning the name of the person to whom you are sending the email can bring even more results because the receiver will think that it the email was personally written and sent to them which will lead to getting even more attention from the receiver.

Make the offer seem its ending

While the offer which you will present in your email for buying your product may already have a good effect on your Email list, making the offer better can make results even better.

Things that are limited and are not always available tend to be more valued by people than those things which are always there and are more common.

You will need to apply the same strategy to the emails that you will send to your customers as well. You might be thinking about how you will do it. Do not worry I can explain this to you.

You will need to add a countdown timer to the purchase offer in your email. Now countdown timers may seem simpler but they work great. Even with the landing pages, they have provided great results.

What is a countdown timer?

A countdown timer as the name suggests is the amount of time that is decreasing every second it passed and when it comes down to zero, it is usually as a result of finishing. 

In this case, when the countdown timer will be telling email subscribers that when it will end, this amazing offer will end.

Like welcome Emails, countdown timers can increase conversion rate up to a number that might even surprise you.

How to add a countdown timer to your Email?

Like other email-related software, Tools used for adding countdown timers to emails are also available in good numbers and some of them are even free.

Tools like Mailtimers are not only a good choice for adding countdown timers in emails but it is also free.

Now, this does not mean that after adding a countdown timer, your job will be done.

Like other things in Email, the position and color of countdown timers can also greatly affect results from your email marketing campaigns.

Free tools or free versions of them may not always be your best choice if you want the best results and want to test every single aspect of a countdown timer. 

If you are that kind of a person, then a tool like nifty Images might be your best choice for a tool for making a countdown timer.

Which kind of color and which kind of position will work best for your Email conversion rate will depend on you and the type of email you send to your subscribers.

Make titles that feel relative

If your email subscribers are not opening your Emails, then how can you get conversions.

So increasing the open rate is like a brick that will help you build sales growth and without that brick, your building of sales will fall hard just like all those skyscrapers falling.

The headline of your Emails.

Now the open rate is both affected in a positive or a negative way by the title of your Emails.

If the title is good enough that it can make readers curious and so curious that to find answers to their curiosity, they are determined to click on the email you sent them.

It is not always that titles with question marks can bring the best results sometimes fresh headlines like a headline that can be related to a case study of yours can also bring good results as well.

Time your Email is sent

You open your Emails and then you see a lot of new emails. 

Now you will start reading their headlines. It does not matter what you do but most probably you will not be paying attention to those emails which are at the bottom or are not at least in the top Emails.

You might not believe but the time your Email is sent can actually affect the open rate of your Emails which in return can affect the number of sales you can derive from Email marketing.

Some say that there is not a decided time when you will be sending Emails for the best results, However, a big Email marketing company has proved that wrong with their case study.

According to Sendinblue, Emails sent by them at 10 am and between 3 pm to 4 pm provided them with the best results as compared to the other times when they sent Emails.

Making the title of the Email more personal to the receiver

Emails that have a sense of personal touch in the title are expected to be and have been providing better results than those which do not have that sense.

Words like hello add that personal touch that you need for improving your open rate. Now that word does not always have to be Hello, that was just for example.

Making unusual titles with humor

Other than adding a personal feel, sometimes different titles than usual ones may convince the receiver in opening that Email as one different from others.

Now here by different, I am referring to those Email titles which contain some sort of humor in them. 

Now by humor, do not think of pure deep jokes. I mean presenting the title in a humorous way that it does not lose its original meaning and can still be understandable but it should also contain fun.

Using names

You might have seen some landing pages asking for your name when collecting your email.

You might think why they were doing that, well that was not for no reason. The name that they ask and you insert can be and most of the time is used to get better attention to their emails by their titles.

You should also be doing the same.

Using names of the users in the Email title can take even more attention from the reader. 

Asking for information such names can sometimes decrease the number of Emails you collect but if you can do it in a clever way, the chances of happening it or low.

Other tips

Like everything or most of the things in online marketing, titles in Email marketing also include the use of A/B testing.

 A/B testing cannot be ignored and the reason is its advantages.

Even after all those tips and information, there is always a chance that by doing various A/B testing, You will get better results. 

Nowadays, almost most if not all the tools in the email marketing industry include basic features for doing A/B testing.

Provide guides in your Emails.

In content marketing, content which is teaching its readers in doing certain things has been proven to provide more sales.

Well, then the same can be applied to Email marketing. 

Now you should also be providing guides to your Email subscribers but the problem is what type of guides.

This depends on what your subscribers want and what your subscribers want can be known by two things, first one is a common and more effective method of doing surveys.

The other method is to use a material that brought you these Email subscribers. For example, if your lead magnet was something related to SEO, then you will want to provide SEO guides in your Emails as you know that your Email subscribers will want SEO guides, or at least of them will.

For doing surveys, there are a lot of companies that can help you like Surveyjunkie. 

By using Surveyjunkie, You will be able to make surveys of your own choice and include questions of your taste.

The reason guides work better is that they are like a process that the readers need to be completed. 

And most of them will just do the things which will be asked in the guide like purchasing a product. Of course, not all of them will do it, only a few will but even those few can be a great improvement. 

Sending guides of the product you are promoting can improve results by Explaining to them how to use certain features.

Make a taste of your Email

It is not uncommon that two different companies or content creators to provide the same content or information in different ways of their own.

One may present information in a serious professional way (i do not mean that presenting content in a nonserious way is not professional)

Other may present the same information in a fun way where users do not only get information but also it to some extent feels entertaining to them.

Now both the examples that I gave are good ways of presenting information but the main idea behind the content is the taste it.

The content creator who always produces content in a fun way will always be thought of as a method of both information and entertainment which is a really good combination.

You should also try to present your content in the same way so your Email subscribers know what type of content and which type of content will be represented to them.


After you have made your Email list, you might think now is the time to enjoy the awesome benefits of Email marketing but then you find out, that even with an Email list, you are not getting conversions.

The reason for that can differ but generally, it is due to not knowing what types of emails and what you should include in those emails that will be sent to your email subscribers.

However, by applying the correct methods, you will be able to get the full potential out of the Email list that you have made by putting in the work.

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