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how to promote affiliate products as a beginner

The main work to do in affiliate marketing is how to promote affiliate products. because anybody can choose a niche, anybody can choose a product but what about promoting that product and getting sales?

Promoting affiliate products can be a difficult task for beginners. especially when they do not precisely know what they have to do and on which marketing strategy they have to work.

in this article, I will explain the most effective and the easiest marketing strategies on how to promote affiliate products. even when you do not have a lot of experience.

Make a website

If you want to promote affiliate products, but you do not have a website, then you are losing a huge amount of sales and also not using your time efficiently.

Having a website in affiliate marketing is very important as a website acts as a central point of your marketing strategy, also most of your leads will be coming from your website as well.

Without having a website, it will be very difficult for you to make a brand name.

Choose a platform for your website

So, the first step that you will need to take before you begin to promote affiliate products is to make a website.

There are a lot of options to make a website easily without having the need to hire a web developer or learn to code.

You can either make your website totally free with blogger which is a service provided by Google. you will not need to pay for anything as you will get free hosing and a subdomain or you can choose WordPress.

Generally, if you have the money to pay for hosting and to buy a domain, WordPress is a way better option than Blogger because WordPress has a lot of more useful features than the basic features which are provided by the blogger.

In the beginning, you may not feel the need of having a WordPress website and feel totally satisfied with the blogger but with time your website will start becoming big, you will need further advanced features for which you will need to come to WordPress.

So, clearly, WordPress is a better choice than blogger for the long term, but if you do not have the money for hosting and domain and want to make a website totally for free, then yes you can choose blogger, it can do the work for you in the beginning but it is better to choose WordPress.

Just make a website on any platform you feel comfortable with, there are other platforms like Wix as well which are also great so it depends on you.

After you have made your website, the next step will be to post content on the website for which people will visit your website to read the content.

Making content

The main work comes after you have made the website because making a website is not that hard of work, the real work will be to upload valuable content on your niche.

Now, you may think about what type of content you will be uploading on your website as maybe you have never done it before, but do not worry, I have got you covered.

Choose a topic

To write articles, you will first need to choose a topic on which you will be writing your article and that topic should be related to the niche that you have chosen, so in this way, people who will read your content will be related to your niche and to the product that you are promoting.

To choose a topic, you can do a lot of things.

Methods for finding topics

The first thing that you can do is to utilize keyword research tools such as Ubbersuggest.

Just go to Ubbersuggest, and put in the keyword which is related to your niche for example if I am in the digital marketing niche, I will put something like affiliate marketing which is a part of digital marketing to get content ideas.

After you have entered a keyword, then press enter and you will see a lot of topic ideas with their SEO difficulty as well.

You might think about what SEO difficulty is? well, that is an estimate of how hard is to rank for that topic, the lower the difficulty score, the better it will be for you because then it will be easier for you to rank, however, we will talk about ranking later in this article.

From all the topics that will be shown to you, just choose a topic that you feel can be a good topic for your article.

Other methods for finding topics.

If you cannot find a topic for your article using this method, then do not worry as you can try other methods as well.

Again open Ubbersuggest, and then put in the name of your niche and it will show you the top competitors in that niche.

Just go to the site of your competitors and see what topics they are writing articles about, then you will get an idea that on what topics you should talk about in your articles since the niche of you and your competitor will be the same.

You can also scroll on social media and see what topics people are asking questions and talking about in your niche, I think I have mentioned enough ways for you to find a topic for your article.

After you have found the topic for your article, now is the time to write on that topic in your article.

But how do you do it?

Writing the article

well, if you already have knowledge of the article that it will be really easy for you to just discuss the different points of the topic but what if you do not anything about that topic?

well, then you will need to learn about that topic by yourself first and then write about it.

To learn about the topic, you can just search on google and then read like 3 or 4 articles about it that appear on the topic, you can also go and watch youtube videos about the topic for better understanding and once you have done your research about the topic and learned about the topic, then start writing the article on the topic.

to get an idea of how you should structure your article like which points you should discuss more and where to put subheadings, you can get an idea from other articles and then, structure your article.

Add images and infographics

Example of infographics

When you are writing your article do not just keep writing and finish your article also add some images as well to make your article look a little bit colorful, so your article does not look so boring.

Usually, you will need to make some images by yourself to describe your topic in a visual way, and to make images so that you can use them in your article, you can use Canva.

Just go sign up to Canva, it is totally free.

Also, make sure that you link out to other websites as well for topics that you do not describe in detail.

Include value in your article

Make sure that the content you are writing is full of quality and provides value to the people who read them because think if someone comes to your website, reads an article, and does not find anything valuable do you think that they will come back to your website again or will recommend your website?

Most probably not.

So, when writing an article do not try to finish it off quickly, describe every topic in detail so your visitors can get all the information that can help them.

It is way better to prefer 2 high-quality articles a week rather than 7 low-quality articles a week.

The length of your articles also matters a lot. try to stay away from those articles which are only limited to 1000-1500 words as in those amount of those words, ha you will not be able to describe the topic in detail and will leave your visitors with a lot of questions about the topic roaming I their mind.

Try to at least make your article 2000 words, however, it is better if you can manage to bring your article up to 2500 words as many case studies have shown that 2500 is the sweet spot to keep the visitors engaged.

promote your content

After you have published your article on your website, now is the time to promote your article on other platforms such as social media.

Just make accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Quora, etc and then publish some part of your article there and then at the end put a link for people if they want to continue reading.

Make sure when you are promoting your content on social media, do not post links, again and again, otherwise, you will be considered a spammer and will be banned from the platform.

Also, on the platform where you are promoting your content, help other people as well answer their questions, and engage with their posts as it will not only make a good image of you on the platform but also there will be fewer chances of you being considered as a spammer.

Optimize your website for SEO

On average, websites get more than half of their traffic from SEO, which is a huge amount of traffic that websites receive from SEO.

In case you are wondering what SEO is, then it stands for Search Engine Optimization which means to optimize your website in such a way that it starts ranking higher on google search results for the keywords it is targetting.

Remember in the first part of the article when I asked you to choose the keywords which have low difficulty for SEO, I said that because if you choose keywords that do not have a lot of competition for ranking at the top, then you can easily rank for those keywords.

So, when you are searching for the topics of your website, choose the one with the lowest difficulty for SEO so that it can be easy for you to optimize and rank your website.

Once you can rank your website, then you will get organic traffic without doing anything every month for free.

Also, the traffic that will come to your website from search engine results will be easy to convert into customers for your affiliate product.

But you might be thinking how do you rank your website?

There are two main parts of SEO that you need to do in order to rank your website.

1 = On page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the two parts of SEO and without doing On-page SEO, you will not be able to effectively rank your website on google.

As you may have guessed, ON-page SEO refers to the steps that you take to change things on your website to help it rank higher on google search results.

Website Speed

The thing which matters the most for On-page SEO is the speed of your website.

In the past, website speed was not taken as big of a factor for ranking the website on search results compared with the other factors such as link building.

But nowadays, website speed matters a lot, only a second delay in your website speed cannot only cost you a higher ranking on search results but also can cost you conversions and sales as well.

If you want to check out the speed of your website, you can go and check out google site speed insights, just go in there, enter the URL of your website, and then press enter and it will give you the speed of your website on both Desktop and on mobile as well.

A website speed under 3 seconds is considered to be good, but for on-page SEO, it is better to have a website speed under 2 seconds.

If your website speed is bad, then do not worry there are a lot of steps that you can take to improve your website speed which I am going to explain below.

Remove unnecessary components from your website.

Most of the time which is taken while loading your website is spent downloading the various elements that you have put on your website such as images, even text, graphics, etc.

So, from this, you can get a basic idea that the more amount of elements that you will have on your website, the longer it will take for your website to load up on visitors’ browsers.

So, the first step in improving your website performance is to reduce the number of elements and components that you have on your website so that there are fewer components to download each time a visitor comes to your website.

Try to remove unnecessary images from your websites and other graphics as well which are just staying on your website and do not have much work to do, this will improve your website performance greatly because even if you can make your website a second faster, it will have drastic improvements in the results of not only On-page SEO but also in other factors such as conversion rate optimization.

For more guidelines on how you can improve your website performance, you can check out this guide by crazzyegg.

Better content than your competitors.

After you have chosen a keyword that is easy to rank for, does it mean that you now only have to use that keyword in your article as the title and you will be ranking at the top of google for that keyword?

No, that is not how its works.

One of the most important factors of On-page SEO is to have high-quality content. If you have done all the other things to make your website rank on search results but your content is worse than the content which is already ranking at the top for that keyword, will google rank your website for the keyword at the top?

No, because Google wants its users to find the best solution to their search questions.

That is why you will need to make like 2 or three times better content than your competitors if you want to rank higher.

Once you have chosen your keyword, put it in Ubbersuggest and it will show you the top articles which are ranking for that keyword.

Now, you will need to open those articles and then, in your article not only discuss the points that they have talked about but also the points that they have not talked about.

For more knowledge about On-page SEO and how you can do On-page SEO for your website, you can check out this guide by Backlinko, it covers almost all the topics that you will need.

Off-page SEO

Like On-page SEO, you can again guess what it means, it means the work that we do off of our website to make it rank on search results.

Other than the main difference between Off-page and On-page SEO, there is one more difference and that is that in On-page SEO, you have a lot of important factors to consider but in Off-page SEO, you will mainly be roaming around building backlinks.

Let’s first talk about what are backlinks, Backlinks are the links that direct users from one website to another.

The more backlinks a website has, the better chances it has of ranking at the top.

However, this does not mean that the effect of Backlinks depends on their quantity, and not on quality.

Is the opposite, it is better to get 10 high-quality backlinks that to get 100 low-quality backlinks.

There are a lot of ways to build backlinks to your website but all of them will need to be explained in detail which I cannot do in this article since it is for another topic.

You can check out this guide on Backlinks and how you can build Backlinks to your website by Neil Patel.

Email marketing.

In 2022, you might have heard people saying all over the internet that email is dead or there is no advantage to utilizing I, it is even possible that you yourself might have never thought of Email as a source of marketing.

But the fact is, Email marketing is not only a good source for marketing, but it is also one of the best sources for marketing and you can promote affiliate products and drive a huge amount of sales through email marketing.

Email marketing has an average ROI or return on investment of 3800%, which means that on average, whenever someone is spending 1 dollar on email marketing, he is expected to make 38 dollars in return.

So, without utilizing Email marketing you will be losing a lot of sales that you could have made just by sending weekly emails to people.

Make an Email list

In Email marketing, the main part, or I should say the main work is to make an Email list that will be composed of the emails of people who have subscribed to your email list by your providing you their email.

In an email list, you will have emails from people who will be related to your niche, so when you will promote your products to them, they will be relative to them and you can make sales.

To make an email list, you can do a lot of things such as add a sign-up form on your remail so when people will visit your email, a pop-up will appear on their website which will ask them to provide their email if they want to receive tips in their email or for something else.

Making a pop-up form is really easy, there are a lot of free tools that you can use which will allow you to make custom pop-up forms for collecting emails and then put them on your website.

You can use Sendinblue or Mailchimp for making sign-up forms for free.

You can check out this article to learn more about how to make a sign-up form on your website

Choose an email marketing software

After you have made an email list, you will need an email marketing software that will manage your email list, and also the emails that you will send to your email list, it will also show the statistics like how many people opened your email and how many clicked on a link and so on which really helps you.

There is a lot of good Email marketing software that you can use such as Mailchimp, constant contact, Dendinblue, or getresponse. It depends on you, just chose whatever you want to.

After, you will promote affiliate products by sending promotional emails to your subscribers once a week or once in two weeks, it will depend on you how well you can generate results from your email list.

To know more about Email marketing and how to get the best results from your email list,

you can check out this guide by optinmonster.

Utilize Social media

You might not know but social media is used heavily by digital marketers to promote their products.

You can do that also.


Facebook gets billion of visitors every single month and those visitors can not only be used for social engagement but for promoting your products as well.

On Facebook, just search for groups in your niche, join them and once you get accepted, start engaging in the discussions of other group members.

Not only you should join Facebook groups but you can also make your own Facebook group and make it grow along the way.

When engaging in discussions, try to help people with your knowledge, do not spam, and also take care not to break any rules of the groups that you have joined.

In between discussions, you can promote your affiliate product as well to the group members but make sure that you do not use an affiliate link directly, rather use a link for a landing page that will direct users to your affiliate products because, in most groups, affiliate links are banned.

A popular email marketing software called Mailchimp receives over 50,000 visitors each month only from Facebook.

So you can imagine how many visitors you can generate to your affiliate product by utilizing Facebook.


Quora is an online platform where hundreds of millions of people visit to ask questions or answer other people’s questions.

Go and Quora and make an account.

in the search bar, type in the keyword related to your niche, and the Quora will represent all the questions that are asked in your niche.

Then just answer those questions according to your knowledge and if you cannot answer a question, you can do a little search on google, learn about that topic and then go back to the question and then answer it.

You will start getting thousands of views on your answers every day after some months.

In your answers, you can also promote affiliate products but make sure that your answer is not fully composed of promotion, also include information that could help the people who are reading your answers.

Try to balance your links with the number of answers because too many links can also get you banned from Quora.

Quora spaces

Another thing that you can do with Quora will be to join spaces in your niche, you can make spaces in Quora somewhat similar to Facebook groups, but then there are a lot of different things between the two.

You can engage with the members of the space, and also promote your affiliate products there as well but always remember to use a landing page and never put affiliate links directly, especially n platforms like Quora.

You can also make your own space in Quora where you can more easily promote your affiliate product and also grow your brand name as well.

In Quora, the number of views that you get on your posts will start to increase a lot after you have spent some things because then more and more people will start following you.

When answering questions, try to answer questions that are more recent instead of questions that have been posted on quora for months because, for recent questions, you will have more chances of having your answer ranked at the top.


Forums can also be a great way of generating sales for your affiliate products and the good thing with forums is that they are generally more active than Facebook groups because usually, they have more targetted topics than Facebook groups which most of the time cover a big topic.

You can join different forums in your niche, you can join as many as you want.

If you want to join groups but you do not know any groups which are related to your niche, then do not worry you can use this website to find forums in your niche.

Just go to this website and then put in the keyword which is related to your niche and then it will show all the forums which are related to that keyword and you can join any of them.

Just join a forum, answer questions, help other people and while helping also promote your affiliate product.

When joining a forum, make sure that you also read the rules of the forum and follow them, if you break the rules of the forum, you will be banned from the forum.


Everybody knows about Instagram but how most people think of Instagram is not correct.

Instagram is mostly taken as a platform for posting videos and images but that is wrong

It is way more than just an online platform for sharing and posting images and videos. Instagram can and is also used as a great platform for marketing products

And you can do that too.

Instagram has over a billion monthly users, it has users from all niches and of all ages, so this means that you should not worry about finding your targetted audience on Instagram.

Make an Instagram profile, upload your profile pic, write about yourself in the bio and also put your website and the product you are promoting.

Then, post regular content on Instagram. Generally, you should be aiming to post twice to 4 times a day but it is better to post every time when you have good content and avoid posting content that is low quality.

If you post low-quality content, your content will not get any engagements and when your content will not get any engagements Instagram will take it as a red sign which means that Instagram’s algorithm will avoid recommending your content to other users.

So, the more engagement you can get on Instagram, the better it will be for your profile and to get engagement, you need high-quality content.

also take full advantage of Instagram stories, as you can get a lot of traffic to your products from Instagram stories.

You can check out this article from Neil Patel to know more about growing on Instagram.


Many people quit affiliate marketing because they struggle with promoting affiliate products and getting sales which are due to a lack of effective strategies.

That is why in his article, I showed you a lot of effective ways through which you can promote your products and get traffic and sales on that product.

I tried to keep it simple so every person could understand the strategies

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