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How to write a great welcome email.

In email marketing, you send different types of emails to your email list, and every different type of email that you send out to your email list serves a different purpose.

It is a common thing that you will be repeatedly sending those different types of emails to your email subscribers in order to achieve different goals, however, there is one type of email that you can only send once to your email list and it is also the one which is known for bringing in the most amount of revenue.

When you will start doing marekting to your email list after you have built it, the best strategy is to start your marketing campaign with a welcome email, since welcome emails are not only a great way of introducing your brand and making a relationship with your email subscribers but it is also very well known for bringing more revenue than normal emails, so it serves you multiple purposes which otherwise can be sometimes difficult.

When your email subscribers signed up to your email list, they had some kind of an image of you and your brand in their mind and when you will be sending them the welcome email, they will expect that email to be something similar to the image that they have of your brand in their mind.

That is why it is very important that you put a lot of focus into writing your welcome email, since not only will it be useful for bringing revenue but also for making your first real impression on the visitor which is very crucial in order to get them to buy your products.

If you are thinking too straight away sending normal emails like newsletters straight away, well then better not as it is one of the biggest mistakes to ignore sending a welcome email to new email subscribers.

In this article, you will learn about how you can write a great welcome email to your new email subscribers, which cannot only make a good impression on the visitors and help you to connect with your visitors in a better way but also for getting sales as well.

Send the welcome email right away

If an email subscriber signed up to your email list, it obviously meant that they were interested in receiving emails from you and wanted to know your brand better, which is a great thing when trying to get sales but the question is will this interest of the email subscriber stay the same over the coming time or will it just fade away?

Well, the answer is there are not a lot of chances that your email subscribers will have the same interest in your brand as time passes after signing up for your email list, which means that they will or might slowly lose interest in your brand.

What does this tell you and what you can do in order to avoid losing the interest of your email subscribers?

It means that you should send welcome emails right away after an email subscriber has signed up to your email list as, at that time, the interest of the email subscriber in your brand is at its highest point.

If you send an email right away or the same day as an email subscriber signed up, there are way more chances that the email subscriber will open and read your email and might even make a purchase considering the peak of their interest in your brand compared to if you wait for a day or two or even more to send the welcome email.

Study shows that the more time you wait before sending a welcome email will result in more loss of your email subscriber’s interest in your brand which is terrible and will not let you get those amazing results that you will be expecting to get with welcome emails.

For most of the email marketers, 75% of them send wlcome emails on the same day as an email subscriber signed up to their email list and you should also be doing the same thing.

A lot of ESP or email service providers provide you with automation options that you can use in order to automate this process for sending welcome emails on the same day as to new subscribers who sign up to your email list.

Start with saying “Thank you”

Before you start introducing your brand and talking about what your brand is about and what kind of emails your email subscribers can expect to receive from you, you should say something which can connect your subscribers with you emotionally.

Showing your email subscribers that you care about them is one of the best ways to connect with your email subscribers emotionally and there is no better way to do that other than saying Thank you to your email subscribers for signing up to your email list.

This will tell your email subscribers that you as a brand care about them and they, the email subscribers individually have importance to you and are valuable to you, this will also tell them that every single action that they take in the future will your brand will also be greatly appreciated by you.

And also saying thank you is one of the easiest things, it will just take a phrase to do consisting of a few words.

However, if you want to do something more than just a small phrase of saying thank you, you can also use images, or Gifs to say thank you to your email subscribers as well, it might even turn out to be a better idea for connecting with your email subscribers.

Share information

Welcome emails are the best way in order to share the information on what type of emails and at what time and how much will you be sending emails to your email subscribers, this will also help build even more trust with your email subscribers.

You should tell them what kind of emails you will send them, what kind of content will be included in your emails, when will you be sending emails on a regular basis, on which day, at which time, and also how many emails can your email subscribers expect to receive from you.

Introduce your brand or yourself

Now let’s talk about one of the main purposes of sending a welcome email to new subscribers and that is to make yourself familiar with your new email subscribers by introducing yourself to them.

Even though your email subscribers signed up to your email list from your landing page or website and already have a little bit familiar with your brand, it does not mean that they do not need the further introduction and they have complete information about your brand.

It is your work to introduce yourself and your brand properly to your email subscribers, clearing their doubts about your brand and helping them make a more clear image of your brand in their minds.

Introducing yourself is also very crucial to building trust with your new email subscribers, tell me will you trust a brand of whom you do not know anything too little? probably not so the same goes for your email subscribers, how can they trust your brand if they do not know enough about your brand?

What you can do to make your introduction even more friendly with your email subscriber is in return for giving you their information introducing yourself, you should also ask them, and request them to introduce themself as well, which will make this look like more of a conversation and build a deeper connection between you and that email subscriber.

Write a clear and interesting subject line

Welcome emails receive a high number of open rates than other emails but that is only possible to achieve if the email subscribers know that it is a welcome email and not any other regular email.

Not writing a clear subject line for your welcome email, can confuse your email subscriber and can sometimes lead them to think of it, not as a welcome email which can lower the open rate for your welcome.

So you must write a clear subject line for your welcome email which can make it easy for email subscribers to see that it is a welcome email and not confuse it with something else.

Other than writing a clear subject line, you should also add some curiosty in your subject line which can encourage your email subscribers even more into opening your email.

If you are thinking about a good way of writing a clear subject line that can make your email look like a welcome email from its subject line, you can follow a very common strategy used by other marketers which is to include the word ‘welcome’ in your email subject line as it instantly becomes a sign that the following email is welcome and not any normal email.

Adding a little bit of curiosity in the subject line of your welcome email can also help you in getting some more opens for your welcome email, a great a way to make curiosity in the minds of your users is by asking them, or mentioning something in the subject line which they will not know already but will be very excited to know and for that, they will open your email increasing your open rate.

Deliver your lead magnet

When someone will be signing up for your email list, obviously they will be expecting something back in value, sometimes it is just to receive tips from their brands but other times, it is something else.

There are many different ways for collecting an email list and one of the most common ways of them is by using a lead magnet which is something valuable that you are promising your audience in return if they sign up for your email list.

Now if the email subscriber who has signed up to your list did that in order to receive the lead magnet or anything else that you promised to provide after they sign up to your email list, now is the time that you to fulfill your promise and deliver your lead magnet.

Not only will you be fulfilling your promise and providing the email subscriber what he wanted in return for his sign-up to your email list, but you will also be benefiting from providing the lead magnet yourself as well, because when the email subscriber will see that you have delivered the lead magnet that you promised, obviously they will open the email meaning more open rate, and since they will be reading the email in order to get the lead magnet, you will also have a great chance of promoting some of your offers to them and getting some sales in the process.

If you are wondering, how you can deliver your lead magnet, well here are a lot of ways to do so.

Most of the ESP or email service providers will provide you with features that will help you to automate your lead magnet delivery after you have collected an email, however, some may have not so you might need to change your ESP.

However, You can also use leadpages for delivering your lead magnet to the newly subscribed email subscribers and make it automated.

Also when you are providing the lead magnet in the welcome email, do not just provide it directly, instead help your email readers by giving them some tips on how they can access the lead magnet that you have sent them if they already do not, it will give your email an extra nice touch.

Give instructions

It is already obvious that after you send your welcome email, after some time you will start sending your regular newsletter or other regular emails to those email subscribers, however, this does not mean that what you provide in the newsletter cannot be provided in the welcome email and you have to make your email subscribers wait for your newsletter to arrive.

Instead what you can do is you can recommend your email subscribers a guide that can teach them the topic that they will be interested in, and it can also help you to acquire more customers for your business meaning you will acquire more revenue.

If you want a real example, let’s say that you have an SEO tool which is a SaaS, and the email subscriber who has signed up to your email list will obviously be interested in SEO, what you can do now is recommend them a guide of yours to get started with SEO, it will be an excellent idea to help them and also get those email subscribers more closer from being a paid customer of yours as obviously in your guide for SEO, you will be promoting your SaaS.

It does not need to be a beginner guide, it can be your best content as well, if you have further information about your email subscribers like whether they are a beginner in their niche which in our example is SEO, or whether they are a more advance and an expert of SEO and then according to this data, you can choose more wisely which type of content you should recommend to in your welcome email.

It does not even need to be content, depending on your niche, you can recommend anything related to your business if you are in the niche of E-commerce, you can offer some of your products to the new email subscribers which you think can be helpful for them

If you think that offering article-type content will be boring for your newly subscribed subscriber, you can provide a guide or content in video format as well which will be much more engaging than let’s say a written article.

Provide an option to unsubscribe

Not everything that you include in your welcome email will be sweet for your email marketing strategy, there will be something that will be rather sour, and adding an unsubscribe button is one of those things.

It is highly possible that some of your email subscribers who recently subscribed are no longer interested in receiving emails from your brand and want to unsubscribe, providing an unsubscribe option in your welcome email would be a good way to say bye to your email subscriber, at least it will be better than being reported as spam.

Not adding an unsubscribe button will not only lead your email subscribers b3ing bothered by you and lead them to spam, but you will also be losing any future chance of getting those users back into your email list after giving them such a bad experience that they had to report you.

You will also be building a bad reputation for your brand and its email marketing around your audience since such email subscribers are not going to praise your emails but rather say bad things about them to other audiences.

Surprise them with a gift

Surprising your email subscribers with good in your welcome email is a well-tested way of getting your email subscribers to be more loyal to your brand.

Putting in a gift for your email subscription will not be a bad thing, no one wants to not receive gifts, even if some do, the majority of the people love the and the same will go for your newly subscribed email subscribers.

If you are wondering what type of gift you should be included in your welcome email, well it can be anything, it can be something as simple as just providing a discount on some of your products that you normally do not, or the gift can be something else like a content which you normally do not distribute for free but since they are a new email subscriber, you are providing that piece of content to them as a gift.

Not only will your email subscribers be very happy to receive such gifts from you, but also it can turn out to be a good way for you to get some more sales for your products from those email subscribers by providing gifts in your welcome email, you will also be setting up a good impression of your band in the mind o new email subscribers who in the future will be very excited for your emails and will be waiting for them to receive, which means it is very good for the long term as well.

Include your social media profiles

If you are doing email marketing, you will be doing social media marketing as well and therefore you will have definitely set up your brand’s profile on a lot of different social media platforms.

Sharing the links of those social media profiles in your welcome email will be a good way to increase your social media following.

But that is not the best way of doing it, there is another way and that is to also give your email subscribers a tip in the welcome email to follow you on your social media platforms which will encourage them, even more, to close those links and then follow you on the social media platform.



Not only will you be able to have multiple communication routes with your audience but also your audience will be much more connected with you since on every social media platform and on email, they will see your content which will make you much more familiar with your brand than if you only had one route of communication with your audience.


Email marketing has been growing fastly, and it has been predicted, that in the upcoming years, around more than half of the entire population on earth will be using Email, some for business purposes while others will have other reasons.

This is the right time for you to start email marketing, but starting is not that simple, there are multiple stages, and the stage that comes after collecting an email list is to start sending promotional emails, offers, and other content through your emails but before you do all this, first you will need to introduce your brand, and welcome emails are the best way for not only introducing yourself and your brand but also for getting a revenue boost.

Welcome emails have a lot of advantages which make them a better choice than any other type of email because welcome emails will provide you with more than double the open rate of normal emails, and not only will you get more open rate but also you will have much more chances of generating revenue from the welcome email since welcome emails are known for a bigger amount of transactions than normal email campaigns

However welcome emails, on the other hand, are also not that simple, and especially if you are a beginner, you will not know how you can send a welcome email and more importantly how should you introduce yourself, what you should include in the welcome email and many more things.

And that is why in this article, I mentioned some of the most important points which should be a part of your welcome email and be in your mind when you are writing your welcome email.

From introducing your brand to promoting some of your offers, I have mentioned all the points that you will need in order to write a great welcome email.

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