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How to increase the conversion rate for your website and for your landing page

Everybody or at least most of the people who are engaged in digital marketing communities usually talk about popular digital marketing topics such as Email marketing, making an Email list, running effective Google and Facebook ads, and how to get traffic to your website.

This mindset leads to forgetting about the main task of getting traffic, why do you get traffic to your website? do you get traffic to your website for just a number to show up in your google analytics? or do you get traffic to, later on, convert that traffic and make them buy your products?

if you choose the second option, then stick to this article.

Why use Landing pages?

Well, you have started out your website, you are promoting your website and also your products, you start getting traffic but you are not getting sales? why? because you are directing traffic to the home page of your website and then hoping that something on your website leads that traffic into buying your products which drops the conversion rate to such a low rate.

If you do not know what a conversion rate is, it is the amount of conversion made out of every 100 visitors who visited a specific web page or a website, that conversion can be anything that you want your visitors to do, it can be to buy a product, or just to collect a lead, it depends on you.

Directing traffic to your website is not a good strategy as on your website, you cannot simply guide your visitors to certain things and show them the way as your website will be focused on a lot of other things as well and not just simply focusing on selling the product.

This is where the landing pages come into place, when you will use a landing page to direct your traffic from a specific campaign, your conversion rate will go up because that landing page will be fully focused on a single purpose which will be to convert whether it is to sell a product to collect an email, it will perform much better for the conversion rate than if you had directed the traffic to your website directly.

Landing pages provide a proper route for the visitors into doing a certain task, it guides them on every step and also make a better impression of the product than a homepage of a website.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is simply a web page where you will be sending traffic from a specific marketing campaign in order to execute an action from that traffic.

It is a common practice by successful digital marketers to make separate landing pages for separate marketing campaigns.

1: Choose the right landing page builder

Building a landing page starts with choosing a landing page builder with which you will be building out your landing page.

There are a lot of good landing page builders with which you can create any type of landing page, there are those landing page builders which are for beginners, then there are those which are for medium business, and then at the end, there are those landing pages with such advanced options made for big businesses.

But there is one landing page builder which can be used by any of the three business types i mentioned and that is Leadpage.

Leadpages is one of the best tools for building landing pages, starting at a lower to the medium price of 37$ dollars providing all the necessary options that anyone looking to build a high converting landing page will need, and also there are premium plans that you can buy in order to have the access to even more options.

Another reason you might want to choose this tool is that it will provide you templates that already have a good conversion rate which means that a huge part of your work in making high converting landing pages will already be done by leadpages itself.

2: Make a good CTA

The whole purpose of making a landing page is to fulfill an action by the visitors of the landing page which is done after clicking on the CTA button on the landing page and if the Call to action button is not good enough to get users to get clicked, will you get high conversion rate,?

probably no.

That is why it is very important to have a good CTA button on your landing page which should be able to get the attention of the visitors and should also make sense for your landing page.

For example, if you are trying to sell a product, all your headlines, and all the text on your landing page should be focused doon convincing the visitor to buy the landing page and the CTA button should also be the next step of those Headlines of your landing page.

A good and very common call o action for landing pages trying to sell products is by now, and if you are trying to collect leads, then another common CTA for that type of landing page is Sign up now or subscribe.

3: Your message should be clear

The points that you write on your landing page play a very important role in your landing page user experience and also its conversion rate.

The traffic that you will be directed to your landing page would e able to easily relate to the points that you will mention so you should use those points to increase the interest that users have in your brand and in the products that you’re promoting.

Since your landing page will not be your main website and the sole purpose of your landing page will e to get conversions, try to only add those points which have a chance of increasing the conversion rate.

Adding other words which have nothing to do with the main product and with your main marketing of the product will only decrease your conversion rate because such practices distract the visitor from focusing on buying the main product.

Add points that either get the users close to clicking on the call to action button or add those which increase the interest of the visitors for your product.

4: A/B testing

You can take A/B testing as something similar to an experiment on a biological problem where two groups make a test and then analyze the results of the test. 

One group makes a test and analyzes its results without making any changes while the other group makes some changes to the thing they are taking tests on and then they analyze its results.

What A/B testing means is that you test two different versions of your landing pages and at the end see which one of the two different variations performed better or had the better conversion rate.

However, you do need to make sure while you are testing different variations of your landing page, you have changed only one thing in every variation of the landing page.

For example, if you do an A/B test wherein a variation of the landing page, you remove the sidebar and change the layout of buttons as well and in the other variation, you do not change anything. After the testing, you get to know that the landing page with sidebar removed and the changed button layout performed better.

Now you do not know what was the cause of the increased conversion rate. The conversion rate could have increased due to the removal of the sidebar or it had increased due to a change in the layout of the button.

That is why it is always better to change one thing on your landing page if you want to do A/B testing.

However this is with some exception, that is when you are testing 3 different versions of your landing page or of your website, then out of 3, you will know which one performs better and you will be able to test more than 2 versions at the same.

The thing to remember is to not change more than one thing in one version of the landing page. 

A/B testing is a vital practice for conversion rate optimization. It is used by almost every website which is in doing conversion rate optimization from e-commerce websites to presidents.

After you have finished doing the A/B test, do not just remove the landing page with a lower conversion rate. Even after the A/B test, split a larger part of your traffic to your landing page with a higher conversion rate and split a smaller part of your traffic to a landing page with a lower conversion rate.

It is necessary to do to find if the landing page with a better conversion rate can maintain its contain its conversion rate. 

It is also wise to check reviews of the A/B testing software you are using so you can make sure that the results you are getting are true and are not just made by an error in your A/B testing software.

another thing you can do to test your A/B testing software is to A/B test the same two variations of a landing page so if you get similar results on both variations then your A/B testing software is correct and if the results are not the same then you might want to change your A/B testing software and contact the one you are using.

With a/b testing, you should test even very few factors of your landing page as well because you never know which factor will drive you the best results, you might be surprised that even little changes such as changing the font can increase or decrease the conversions, or changing the color can also change conversion rate.

There is always a chance of improvement in landing pages especially in the headings because you can always come up with a better headline so keep testing and your conversion rate will keep going up.

It is also wise that you take an idea from other successful landing pages from your niche so that you do similar things with your landing page in the a/b testing and see if the changes will work for your website or not.

For doing a/b testing, you will need a tool that will analyze the two different versions, usually, most of the landing page builders have these a/b testing tools built-in them such as Leadpages.

6: Include a countdown timer on your landing page

Including a countdown timer on your website can have a significant increase in the conversion rate of your website. 

A countdown timer will show how much time is left until an offer on your website ends.

Even Neil Patel uses a countdown timer on his own website. You can go to his website by yourself and you will see a countdown timer there. This simple countdown timer helped Neil Patel to increase his conversion rate by as much as 11%.

Now you might be wondering how do these countdown timers help in increasing the conversion rate? well here is how they do that.

When you see a good product and you make up your mind to buy that product later but then you find out that there is this product will soon after a specific amount of time will not be available or there is a discount going on this product that will end soon.

This will encourage you to buy that product right now instead of purchasing it later. Even if you did not have plans to buy a product and you were only considering it, but after knowing it will not be available soon or discount on it will end, there are higher chances you will buy that product over the others.

When people come to know of a product not being available sometime later, it creates a fear that if they do not buy it right now they might regret their decision in the future.

You can these countdown timers on your website again and again.

If you do not know how to code and are worrying about how you will create these countdown timers on your website, then do not worry as you can use tools to build these countdown timers on your website.

You can use tick counter as it also has a free version as well.

You do not have to stick with Tickcounter, you can use any tool for creating a countdown timer on your website that you like.

In the end, all I will say is that it is such as simple step by you which can be great for your business if you are able to execute it successfully.

Also, you will not be investing a lot of time, so there is also no need of deciding to do it or not as you will really not be putting a big thing into it.

7: Remarketing

marketing your product to those people who left your website while they were on the checkout page is called remarketing.

remarketing has shown a better conversion rate as compared to marketing to those people who have not visited your website before.

The reason that remarketing has a better conversion rate than first-time visitors is that in remarketing, the visitors are already familiar with your products and with your brand, they are much closer to your brand, and they have trust to some extent on you and on your brand.

This strategy has been really effective for bringing in revenue since a huge part of people who put items in the cart, leave the cart without making the final purchase and if you could get those people and make them pay for the products that they added in the cart for the first place, your revenue will skyrocket.

Both google ads and Facebook ads offer remarketing features to those who want to remarket their products.

If you want to remarket your product through Facebook ads, you will get a code by Facebook ads and you will have to add that code that you got from Facebook to your website. This is necessary because this will enable Facebook to keep a track of people who visit your website.

The case is also similar to google ads and you will not need to put such efforts into running remarketing ads on Google ads as well.

If you try remarketing through all Facebook, Google, and Youtube ads, you will have to be able to most of the audience who has visited your website.

Youtube ads now further feature through which you will not be able to retarget those who have visited your website but also those who have previously watched your video.

8: Add question quizzes to your website

Asking questions to people who visit your website can help you get more engaged with your website and spend more time on it.

However, their benefits do not end with engagement and attraction to more people. These questions can also help to collect a lot more emails than you usually do.

according to a study, more than half of the people who attend questions will give you their email.

There are a lot of tools that can help you to set up questions for the people who visit your website, however, you can use Typeform.

However, in the end, it all depends on you which tool you want to use.

Creating these questions does not take a lot of time so it can be a nice thing that you can add to your website and increase your lead conversion rate.

This does not mean that you should not pay attention while creating these quizzes. 

The first page of your quiz should have bright colors so it can attract the attention of more and more visitors. Also, try to make a message on the first page of the quiz short so it could be easily understood.

You should ask them short questions on the first page asking something like how successful their campaigns have been.

Another benefit of asking questions is that the email list that you will make through asking questions will be of good quality since you will know their interests and other various things about them.

At the end of the questions, you will need to now provide some results to your users who took that quiz and that result should be what you promise them in the first place to take the quiz.

For example, if you had asked them a phrase such as “Do you want to know how to get more traffic to your website?”

In the end, you should provide their results on what mistakes they are making which are stopping them from getting traffic, also provide them some tips on getting traffic according to the answers that they give, and your results should also be comprised of quality and not just useless.

But before you provide them their results, you should first ask them for their email and other information that you want because asking for the email after the results will decrease the results because then those people will not have the urge to get the result as they had before getting the result.

Some of the people who are satisfied by the results of the quiz might even click on the purchase button and buy your product.

9: Improve the loading time of your website

When creating a website, most of the focus is on the design of the website, how the website will look, how will be the layout designed, and other visual things but not a lot of people focus on the loading time of the website which later on will cost them not only their search engine rankings but also conversion rate which is seen more bad for the revenue.

Loading tie plays such an important role in the conversion rate for your website and for our landing page that only even a second delay in the loading time will cost you a 7% decrease in the conversion rate.

10: add social proof

Adding social proof can increase your conversion rate effectively, and there are multiple reasons behind it.

When you will be showing social proof on your website or on your landing page such as reviews given by your users in a positive way which gives a signal that your product has helped them, other companies to which your product is related and which have used your product, and also any awards that you have won, showing such things on the landing page is another activity that you can do to increase conversion rate.

You might be wondering how adding social proof to your website or to your landing page help increase the conversion rate/ well that’s because when people will see that other people are already satisfied with your product, it will encourage them to buy your product even more since they know that there are more chances of them being satisfied by the product.

Not only does it encourage new users to buy the product but it also increases the trust of the user with the brand.

For example, take this an example in real life if you are looking for a reliable family car and some other family member also has a car that is reliable and he or she is satisfied with the car, you will also be more likely to buy the car from the same brand since most people want to stay on the safe side and not want to do tests when buying products.

To add such social proof to your website, you will need to get reviews for your product first, but how do you do that?

that is very easy as you just need to ask your current users who have bought your product and ask them to give their opinion on your product, and then you need to show those positive reviews of your product given by the users whom you asked on your website or on your landing page

Doing such a simple task will provide you positive results for Conversion rate optimization and will also increase brand loyalty as well.


You made your landing page, you thought that you would get the conversion rate that you hoped you would get but you’d up having a low conversion rate, worrying and even thinking to make a completely new website or a new landing page.

But that i no the case, just little changes such as changing the colour of the buttons can start increasing your conversion rate.

It cannot be done ina single data since conversion rate is along term process which will take time to show results because you will need to test our different versions which will take months, depends on how many different versions you test.

just make sure that you add social proof, test different variables of your landing page, test out different headlines, do not write wordw which od not have any purpose and make your message short.

Just by doing these simple things, you will see that your ocnversin rate has start gowing up.

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