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How to get more traffic and more sales from twitter

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms, but is it also a platform that can be a good fit for those wanting to use it for marketing their business?

Those who are already using other social media platforms for marketing such as Facebook or Instagram must have thought about doing marketing on Twitter, or if you still have not started social media marketing, Twitter might have been an ideal image for social media marketing in your brain.

Whether or not you have thought about using Twitter as a platform for marketing your business, your brand, your services, or the products you want to sell, you cannot just simply ignore Twitter since it is a major player in social media.

Currently, in 2023, Twitter has almost 400 million active monthly users which is a huge number.

And Twitter is continuously growing.

But should you use Twitter and do marketing on it for your promoting your brand or your products?

Well in this article I will be mentioning whether or not you should start marketing on Twitter and also if Twitter will be worth the effort that you will be putting into it.

What do you want from Twitter marketing?

The reason Twitter is becoming more and more difficult for people to do marketing on it is that a lot of them are just marketing without a purpose, they do not have specific goals in their minds and also they themselves do not know which specific things do they want to achieve from their marketing efforts on Twitter.

When someone will not know what their purposes are for marketing on Twitter, not only will they be not able to know whether their marketing efforts have been providing them the results they want but also they will find it hard to make a good marketing strategy on Twitter which focuses on their goals and not on other irrelevant factors.

Now it is on you what type of goals and results you want to achieve after putting in the effort for marketing on Twitter.

For the most part, social media marketing is either generating sales and leads from it or getting more traffic to their website, and since Twitter also comes under social media and its marketing under social media marketing, there is a great chance that your goals might also be to either get sales and leads for their products or to get traffic to their website.

Now, this does not mean that you cannot have other goals from Twitter marketing, as there are also a lot of other great things that you can achieve by marketing on Twitter such as growing your brand name and making more and more awareness about it or you just want to build a new following or a new audience on Twitter by marketing on it.

Now, if you have chosen what type of goals and results you are expecting to achieve with Twitter marketing, now you should focus on achieving those goals like what kind of engagement rate you would want from Twitter in order to achieve your goals and so on.

And if you are wondering how would you know that your marketing efforts on Twitter are providing you the results you expected, for that you can use analytic tools such as Google Analytics which will provide you with all the data that you will need to see your marketing results from Twitter.

Engage in conversations on Twitter

Whenever somebody thinks of Twitter, one of the first stats that come to somebody’s mind is the number of followers each Twitter account those followers is also what you will need to increase the reach of your Twitter marketing but how do you gain them?

You must have already noticed that the purpose for which people come to Twitter and then engage with different types of posts is much different than most of the other types of platforms such as Instagram where people come to engage with visual posts, which represents some images or videos.

I am not saying that people do not come on Twitter to see photos and videos, I am just saying that Twitter users are more engaged in conversations under the poss which connects Twitter users even more and that is what you also have to use.

You just have to find the posts in your industry or in your niche and then join the already going conversations beneath them.

Reply to other Twitter users who are tweeting under posts.

In this way, you will be making more and more awareness about your Twitter account and your Twitter followers will also start increasing once you start engaging with Twitter conversations.

You will have a great chance of being followed by the people to whom you will reply in conversations under Twitter posts and later on when you will post something from your account, there will be way more chances that those followers will engage with and retweet your tweets than the followers you might have acquired organically.

Link out to your content again and again

You might think that once you have linked out to a piece of content, then you would not need to link out to that content again, which is a very big mistake that you will make.

For the first time, you will link out to your content by posting a tweet on Twitter, it will reach out to a huge part of your audience but that does not mean that it has got the reach that you wanted it to get, still, there will be another huge part of your audience who still would not have seen the tweet that you made.

That is why it is very important that once you have linked out to your content, you should link out to it again by posing another tweet on the same content so that it reaches that part of your audience who missed the tweet the previous time, and you should keep doing it as it will keep providing you with more and engagement rate and more and more clicks.

In this way, not only will you be efficiently promoting your content and fully utilizing it but you will also not need to come up with new ideas for posting a tweet as you could already make another tweet on the content that you tweeted in the past.

Use twitter videos

As with time, videos have become more and more popular and a more huge part of every marketing platform whether it is Facebook, whether it is Linkedin, or any other platform.

Twitter is also another platform on which videos are massively used.

Most marketers in 2023 prefer to use videos as a part of their digital marketing strategy and they also see results in improving their reach by using videos.

Other than the normal tweets that you will be making, adding videos as a part of your Twitter marketing strategy will also help you a lot to grow on the platform and market your business s well.

Videos provide a completely new experience as compared to text tweets.

There are different types of videos that you can upload on Twitter, you can either record a video inside Twitter for up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds or you can upload a video already on your device.

There is a third format as well which is live videos, which will work as a live stream but that does not mean that after the live stream is over, your live video has disappeared, no people can still watch your live streams in recorders format even after the live stream has ended just like

Use hashtags

Hashtags have become a very important part of marketing for most social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter is no different, in fact, Twitter was one of the first platforms to start using hashtags on its platform.

Hashtags quickly became a major player for marketing campaigns on Twitter and then being used all over and in every post made for marketing campaigns.

The tweets in which hashtags are used get way more engagement rate and way more impressions than those who tend to not use hashtags.

Even myself, I made the mistake of not using Hashtags when I start marketing on Twitter and my tweets were nowhere close to getting the reach and the engagement rate that I expected them to get but when I started using hashtags, my results improved.

That is why you should also focus on using hashtags in your niche which can be relevant.

Hashtags can get your tweets to reach out o a new audience that without hashtags would have not seen your tweets.

But that also does not mean that you should just make your tweets seem like a paragraph of hashtags as that will not count as the correct use of Hashtags but more of spam of Hashtags.

Keep a balance of Hashtags in your tests and also make sure that the hashtags that you use are actually relatable to the tweet that you are making and not just using any hashtags which is currently popular.

If you are thinking that how will you find the hashtags that will get you the reach and the engagement that I have mentioned above, well for that you can use the explore tab from your Twitter homepage.

In the explore tab, you will see different options to choose from and from there you will need to choose training.

Then you will see all the most popular hashtags that are currently trending, there you will also be able to find the most popular and trending hashtags in your own niche as well and you can use them in your tweets in a non-spam-able manner.

Again, make sure that the hashtags that you use are actually relatable with the original tweet ad also with the niche in which your Twitter profile is based, using hashtags just to get more reach when the hashtags have nothing to do with your tweet or with your Twitter profile will also end up in a bad way of you losing your audience so you will want to stay away from that.

Use Twitter analytics to audit your Twitter profile

Once you have started posting and promoting your products or your website by tweets, it is also important to check out the performance of the tweets that you are posting.

It is important to do this so that you can see what is happening with the tweets that you are making, are they getting any engagement rate, which type of tweets are getting the lowest amount of results, and which are getting the best results.

All of this will help you in deciding from which kind of posts you should stay away from and from which kind of posts you should get closer to and post more often to get the best results.

For seeing the analytical data, just visit the Analytical tab from your Twitter account, and then it will provide you with all types of data from combined data showing you all the results from all the tweets that you have made to also show you the data for each tweet that you have made.

Now you will know which tweets of yours performed the best and which did not and make your Twitter marketing strategy even better by continuing with the posts which work better than the others.

Make a schedule for your posts

It is a common and very good practice by successful marketers when they are marketing on any platform and that is to schedule their posts.

Whether it is someone sending emails as a part of their email marketing campaign or whether is someone posting content and other posts on Facebook or Instagram, it is always best to schedule your posts and make a pattern for the time your posts are being posted.

The same thing goes for Twitter, you should make a routine for the time when you should be tweeting your posts for getting the best results.

You might be confused about why is this important or why a lot of successful marketers use this strategy for posting at a specific time everybody they post content or be active on any platform? well, there is an advantage behind this strategy.

That is because those successful marketers post their content and their tweets when their followers are most active so that their tweets will instantly be viewed by their followers and also their tweets will have more reach to their followers since, at that time, most of their followers will be active.

That is why you also need to post your tweets and schedule them for a specific time when your followers are most active on Twitter.

But you might say that you will know when are your Twitter followers the most active?

You do not need to worry about that as that is very easy, you can just use a tool provided by Twitter itself which is analytic tools.

Other than important information it shows you the amount of information and the engagement rate your posts are getting, it will also show you the data of when your Twitter followers are most active.

So now that you will know at what time your followers are most active, you have to schedule your posts for that time for the best reach and the best engagement rate that you can get.

Twitter ads

Getting followers and getting your tweets organically in the feeds of Twitter users is one thing that takes a lot of time but using ads to promote your tweets to users so that your tweets show up in the feed of Twitter users is another thing that is way faster than organic things.

Twitter ads are another great way and strategy for improving your Twitter marketing strategy in a short amount of time other than marketing organically on Twitter.

With Twitter ads, your tweets will reach Twitter users whom you would not have normally been able to reach such as o the users who are not following your profile or the users who are not included in your hashtags and who cannot relate to your hashtags, you can still show your tweets to such users with the help of Twitter ads and all in a short amount of time.

Different types of Twitter ads

Like other common and good advertising platforms, Twitter also provides its users with different types of ad formats so that they can personalize and customize their ads in order to reach the results they desire with Twitter ads.

Promoted ads

Promoted ads are simple twitter ads that you will be using to promote your normal tweets by Twitter ads to users who are currently not following you, in this way, users who will not be even following you will still be within the reach of your tweets with the help of promoted ads.

Another great thing about promoted ads is that when you will be promoting your tweet with promoted ads, still, users will be able to engage with the post just like any other normal tweet they see on Twitter, the only difference will be that there will be a little mark at the bottom which will be telling the Twitter user that this tweet that is seeing is being promoted by Twitter ads.

These promoted ads are a great way for expanding your reach and also for increasing the engagements for your tweets which would in return improve your marketing on Twitter in a short time.

Follower ads

Where you are promoting your tweets by using promoted Twitter ads, here in Follower ads, you will be promoting your profile.

When you will be promoting your profile with follower ads, Twitter will recommend your profile to Twitter users in the search results s well as in their timeline which will be easy for getting attention from Twitter users and also have a chance to increase your followers.

Just like promoted ads, when your profile will be shown to Twitter followers, it will appear like another normal profile just with a little different and that will be a little mark at the bottom of your profile which will be hinting users that this profile is being promoted to them as an ad.

Twitter live ads

As you may have already guessed by the name of these ads, these ads will be used to promote your live videos.

Live videos perform way better than normal posts and videos because when you are over, users can engage with you in a much better way, they can connect with you in such a way that they start building trust with you, which is great for converting your audience into customers.

By using live ads, you will have a chance of getting more and more people to get engaged in your live stream, increase your followers, and overall increase your reach.

Which ad type should you choose?

Since there are a lot of different types of ads on Twitter that you can run, you might be confused about what type of ads are best for you.

What type of ads will work best for you will depend on what type of goals you would want to achieve by running Twitter ad campaigns.

Also, with every type of ad that you run, Twitter will also give you the option of what is your goal, and then you will need to pay according to that goal.

For example, if your goal is to get more and more followers, then you will be using follower ads that will be promoting your profile, and then you will need to choose your goal to get followers when running the ad campaign.

In this way, you will be paying Twitter for the followers that you get.

If your goal is to get engagement and not followers, then you will be using promoted ads to promote your tweets or your live video by using live ads, and then you will be paying Twitter for every engagement that you get which you can choose as a goal while setting up the campaign.

If you want to get more and more impressions for your videos, live videos, or for your tweets then you can choose impressions as a goal and you will be paying Twitter for each impression that you can get.


Is Twitter really worth putting in the efforts to market on it or does it not provide the results that you would want from it, well you can get the results from Twitter you want but for that, you will need to try different strategies.

In this article, I mentioned all the different strategies that you will need for promoting your brand and your business on Twitter from using hashtags to using Twitter ads.

Now you have to use these strategies wisely and not make mistakes as I did in the beginning such s not using hashtags but at the same, you will need to keep balance as well.

You will need to observe your marketingcompaigns using analytic tools and see what you are doing wrong and then correct your mistakes with time, you will start seeing great results from Twitter, maybe even better than you expected if you do everything alright.

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