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How to do Quora marketing

If you want to get traffic from a fresh source for your website and which also does not take a lot of time, then Quora is the right choice for you.

There are a lot of ways to get traffic to a website and to build a brand such as social media marketing, email marketing, and the list goes on and on.

But there is also another way of getting traffic and making a brand ane and that is by answering the questions that people are asking on the internet.

And for answering questions, the first website that will come into the mind of most people will be quora since it is known for asking questions and then getting answers or answering the questions of other people.

Some of you might fear answering questions thinking that you might answer them wrong or you will not have the necessary information to do so, well if you look, you have more knowledge than the person who is asking the question, so if a person who does know anything about a topic and asks a question, even getting an answer which provides the little amount of information will be appreciated.

Introduction to Quora

Some of you might be thinking what is Quora or what it is about?

Quora is an online platform where there are hundreds of millions of visitors every month who come to either ask questions about a specific topic or they come to answer questions asked by other members of quora.

Quora is not only limited to asking and answering questions but you can also take it as a social media platform because you can make posts, you can make spaces, and join them which are to some extent similar to Facebook groups.

Why you should try Quora

In January of 2022, Quora got almost 700 million traffic to its website, that is more than half a billion visits in a month and if that is not enough of a reason to try Quora for marketing, then half of that traffic comes from the United States.

This means that every other user on Quora is from the USA which means that you will be getting quality traffic from the USA and not from third-world countries which low conversion rates.

Not only that but Quora has questions and spaces on every niche whether you are talking about doing digital marketing or you are talking about relationships, Quora has got you covered up.

You can build a separate audience on Quora which will be loyal to you and you can direct them to your website as well.

Setting up your profile

Setting up your profile is the first step that you take whenever you visit any platform whether it is Instagram, Facebook or it is Quora, the process will be the same, you will need to create your account and set up your profile.

Just like on other platforms, your profile will be a very important factor when it comes to deciding the amount of success you can get with your marketing campaigns On Quora.

After you have made your account by signing up with your email, or by using your Facebook or your Google account which is a simpler choice.

Now is the time that you to fill in the different sections of your profile.

To set up your profile, just click on the profile photo in the top right corner of Quora, it will open a drop-down menu.

From the drop-down menu, you will need to click on your name and then it will open up a new tab in your browser.

TIn the new tab, you will see the different questions that you have answered, The different spaces that you follow, your own spaces, etc.

But these are not for wt you are on that ab, you are on that tab to set up your profile, so to do so, you will need to first write a description of your profile by clicking right below your profile icon or right below your profile picture.

After you are done with the description, you can add different credentials to your profile, you can also change your name if you want.

Make sure that you also add your profile picture if you have not already done that because, with a profile picture, your answers will be much more appealing than without a profile picture, and also with a profile picture, people who will read your answers will be more connected to you, and there will be more chances of driving them to your website.

Also do not forget to add the link to your website in your profile so that when someone will be visiting your profile, they can easily go to your website.

Find related Questions and topics

After setting up your profile, now it will be the time that you start answering questions and engaging with posts related to your niche but to do that, first, you will need to find them which is really easy.

Just use the search bar of Quora and in the search bar, type in the keyword related to your niche, and then Quora will show you different topics, spaces, and questions that will be directly related to the keyword that you have put in the search bar.

There will be three different sections that will appear, on the right side, you will see a list of different spaces which are active and are also related to your niche and you can follow.

In the middle of the page, there will be a section where you will be presented with different questions and posts in your niche and finally, on the left, there will be the topics and spaces that you have already been following.

Here, just follow the topics and spaces that you think will be good for you and then Quora will keep updating all the answers, questions, and discussions that are going on in that specific space or topic.

Answering Questions

Now, we should talk about the main topic which was to answer other people’s questions.

After putting the keyword in the search bar and pressing enter, you will need to choose the questions that you want to answer with your knowledge.

Thankfully according to my experience I have found out that most of the questions that are being asked are very beginner level and anyone can answer that, however, there are some questions that require some intermediate to advance knowledge but you do not need to worry about such questions.

If you find some questions which you find hard to answer, then first try to answer that question with all the knowledge that you have, and at the end, you think that this can be a helpful answer, just post it

But even after trying to answer the question, you can not find a good answer from your knowledge, then again do not worry you can use google to gain knowledge about the topic to which the question relates, after you have learned the topic you can come back and answer the question with ease, it is that easy.

But keep in mind, do not copy-paste from google into Quora answers.

Try to answer questions that are fresh rather than those which are months and sometimes even years old because, for those questions, the chances of your answer ranking at the top will be very low because there will be already a lot of answers to the question.

So try to answer questions that are asked in the same week or in the same day, in this way your answer will have a lot more reach than if you would have answered an old popular question.

To find questions that are fresh and old, on the left side of your page, after entering a keyword in the search be, Quora will allow you to choose from which time you want to see questions, there you can choose from a day ago.

In this way, all the questions that you will be seeing will be a day ago.

If you do not find enough questions from a day ago in the search results which usually does not happen, then you can also choose to show your questions which are asked bout a week ago as they will also not have too many answers to them.

Joining other Quora spaces

Quora spaces are different communities on Quora which have people who have similar interests, for example, if there is a Quora space on SEO, all the members of that space will be interested in SEO and hence, will be asking and answering similar questions and posting similar content to SEO.

One special thing about Quora space is that the admin of the Quora space can choose which members of Space can post in the space, blocking others from posting in the space but other members can still see all the posts in the space.

Make your own space

Other than joining other topics and spaces in your niche, creating your own space is another thing that can prove to be really helpful in the future.

Not only you will have your own audience in your space but you can also use it to grow your brand name as well which is really important for a digital marketing business.

When you join other spaces, usually you have to follow their rules but this is not the case when making your own space because when you will be making your own space, you will also be setting its rule on your own.

Creating space on Quora is a very easy and simple process, Just open quora and on the home page, you will have adoption on the top left for creating a space, just click on that option and your space will be created after some steps in organizing your space.

Quora ads

Like other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Quora also has its own ads you might have not known that Quora has ads, but in fact, they also work really well if done correctly.

They have low costs and also they can target the audience really well because you can also include the questions to which people are engaging and then show them ads which means that such people will already be deeply interested in your ads.

H-Educate ran a test with Quora ads where they ran ads for just 14 dollars, the target was to get leads on the Sendinblue affiliate program which offered 5 euros on every free account which was made from the affiliate link.

When they were setting up their ads, in the geography part, they chose third-world countries such as India so that they can get low CPC, when they ran the campaign, they saw amazing results.

They found that after running the campaign, they got about 5 leads which gave them 28 dollars in commission, there you go they got a 100% return on investment.

This means that if you know what you are doing, Quora ads can also be a great choice especially for getting leads in a cheaper manner.


Quora getting over half a billion traffic every single month is an ideal place to get traffic to your website by just answering questions and engaging with other posts.

Getting traffic from quora is not that hard of work unless you do not know how you do it, another advantage of using quora will be that half of its traffic comes from the united states wich means that traffic that you will come to your website will have really good conversion rates, so that is another really good benefit.

To do marketing on Quora,

  • You will first need to set up your profile so that you look authentic and professional as well, and also people can get information about you when they visit your profile
  • Answer questions in your niche by searching them in the search bar
  • following and joining topics and spaces in your niche, in this way you will see more and more posts in your niche on Quor to which you can engage.
  • Create your own space where you can do marketing more effectively, where you can grow your brand name as well, and also where you will have your own rules and your own audience.
  • Other than the previous methods which are cost-free and will not cost you any money, you can also try out Quora ads which will cost you money but il provide you with great results and you will not be disappointed unless you do not know how to run them effectively. You can test them out with a small budget and if they provide you with good results, you can then increase the budget and then see even greater and better results.

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