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How to do marketing on Reddit

Reddit is an online platform that you can call a social media or a news-sharing platform, which gets hundreds of millions of active users every single month.

Reddit got over 1.7 billion traffic in a single month in the previous months, that’s in billions.

Not only that but the users which use Reddit are more active and engaged with other users compare to other social media platforms.

Reddit also has communities for every niche, from gaming to business related to traveling, all you can think of.

But how do you promote your website and your products to these communities?

The communities on Reddit are divided into subreddits which is the name given to different groups on Reddit by subreddit.

The subreddits are those communities that are made up of Reddit users who are related to similar niches and topics and can easily relate to each other so that they can ask questions to one another and get answers as well.

Make an account

If you have not yet used Reddit and have not made an account already, you should go and make an account that you can use to engage with posts such as to answer them or to request others to answer your questions.

Using your account, you can now engage posts that are related to your niche, you can upvote the posts that you like and you can downvote them as well if you do not like them.

Your actions of upvoting or downvoting a post matter a lot because it is these upvotes and downvotes through which the algorithm of Reddit decides if it needs to rank a post above other posts and down other posts because if a post will have more upvotes, it will simply mean that it has been liked by more people, it is engaging and can help more people so Reddit will show it to more people.

And similarly, when a post gets more downvotes, then it is a signal for the algorithm of Reddit that this post has not been helpful, did not provide value to people, and also will waste the time of other people who will see it, and Reddit will stop recommending that post to other people.

If you see a post that is asking questions related to your topic, you can use your knowledge and answer that question and try to provide as much value as possible and try to not promote a product.

the more value you will provide, the more upvotes you will get and the more people will see your posts and that is how you will start growing your audience on Reddit.

Reddit usually does not like the placement of self-promotional links but it does not mean that you are totally hopeless in promoting on Reddit.

While Reddit does not allow you to put links, it means that they do not allow you to put links when there is no need or when they are not a necessity.

When you are answering a post or engaging with a post and you think that putting the link of the product is important and it will also help others who will see and not only help you in promoting your product, then you can put the link because it will be apart of your help.

But if you do not follow the strategy that I mentioned above and start self-promotion again and again on Reddit even on those posts, where it does not help anyone other than you, then you can get banned by Reddit.

Another thing that you will need to keep in mind while utilizing Reddit is that you are not allowed to put direct affiliate links, instead, you will need to use landing pages.

For those who do not know what landing pages are, then landing pages are those pages on which users land after clicking on the link. On your landing page, you will need to place a link to your affiliate product, in this way you will be able to get traffic from Reddit to our affiliate product without mentioning direct affiliate links.

Because see, first traffic will come to your landing page and from there they will go to your affiliate product by clicking on another link.

Join Subreddits

Since you already know what subreddits are as I mentioned them earlier on, now let’s talk about how you can utilize them for your own marketing purposes.

There are subreddits on every niche and topic, each subreddit will also have posts on what its topic is, For example, if a subreddit is based on the topic of digital marketing, then all the posts inside that subreddit will be based on digital marketing.

If some member of the subreddit posts something else which does not come under the circle of the main topic, then that member is kicked from the subreddit by the admin.

Similarly, you will also need to join the subreddits in your niche, it does not matter what your niche is, you will be able to easily find a subreddit that will be relatable to your niche as there are tens of thousands of subreddits on Reddit.

You will need to make sure that by following the normal Reddit rules which are mentioned by Reddit, you also get familiar with the rules of the subreddit that you Jon and not only get familiar but also follow them later on when you are engaging and posting content inside that Subreddit, otherwise you can get kicked by the admin of the Subreddit.

Make sure that you provide value to the other members of the subreddit, help them as much as you can, and do not promote your products a lot and without any reason and it will be seen as an action that will break rules.

Only promote your products when you think they can help others with their specific post.

Make your own subreddit

Joining subreddits created by other Reddit members is not the only choice you have when joining a community related to your own niche on Reddit as you can also make your own subreddit which if you want, you can set its name which revolves around your brand name which will also make awareness bout your brand.

When you will be engaging in your own subreddit, you will have much more freedom in promoting your products but still, you will need to take care of Reddit rules, and also even though nobody can kick you from your own subreddit, you have to take care of the members who have joined your Subreddit so that they do not leave your subreddit if there will be no one in your Subreddit, to whom will you engage with and promote your products to? No one? probably.

Reddit ads

With its huge audience, Reddit also has ads that you can try if you want to level up your marketing and you want to get better results fast, and increase your sales and revenue on your products.

Reddit ads often do not get much attention that they deserve, even though they can be really helpful and useful as a paid advertising tool for promoting your product.

Another point to consider is that if your brand is more focused on the younger generation, then Reddit is even better for you and its advertising as well that’s because most of the audience on Reddit is younger that is because most of the topics on Reddit are also based on niches which are related to younger people.

Not only does Reddit already have millions of active users who come on to its site and engage really deeply with the other posts of the members but Reddit is also gaining more and more users every single day which is another sign that Reddit is going to grow in the future.

Reddit ads of different types

Like other successful advertising platforms such as Facebook ads, Reddit also provides its users with different types of ads so each user can choose the ad type which is more effective for their business and can provide them better results.

Reddit has many different types of ads such as Display ads, Promoted ads, video ads, carousel ads, etc.

I will explain all of these types of ads down below, starting with promoted ads.

Promoted ads.

Promoted ads are the most basic type of ads on Reddit and also these are the ones that are most popular on Reddit since most of the ads which are run and represented on Reddit to its users are Promoted ads.

These promoted ads will just look like normal posts made by a Reddit user but it will have a mark on its top which will tell the viewer that the ad is sponsored, whenever someone will click on a post that is presented in the promoted ads, they will be directly taken tot he landing page that you have chosen.

When running promoted ads, Reddit provides you with a lot of options that you can choose from in order to manage the price of the ad campaign that you are going to run.

You can either choose CPM-based ads which will determine the cost of your ads based on the number of impressions that your ads received, or you can choose CPC which will determine the cost of your ad campaign depending on the number of clicks that your ad receives.

There is also another type for managing the price or the cost of your ad campaign and that is CPV which will determine the cost of your ad campaign based on the number of views that your ad gets.

Display ads.

Display ads are not seen as much as promoted ads on Reddit but they are also a very effective method for running paid ad campaigns.

Reddit aims to target display ads for bigger companies that want to run huge ad campaigns on Reddit with huge budgets for ad spending, and that is why there is a minimum budget that you will need which is 30,000$ to start running display ads on Reddit.

Not only that but you will also need to first contact the sales team of Reddit if you want to run display ads for your brand.

now yo,u should have gotten an idea that Display ads are more professional typeand are also not suitable for small businesses.

Video ads

As you may have already guessed by the name these are the ads represented in the form of videos on Reddit.

Since you will be using a video and not a normal post with an image or text when running video ads, you will be able to get more connected with your audience because, in the video, you can present the benefits of your product and your brand much more deeply than you can in a text or in an image.

But there is also a downside with video ads and that is that you will get fewer clicks on your videos than you would have gotten on another post such as a text or an image-based one because it is much harder for users to stop scrolling and watch a video than it is to just watch an image for which they do not even need to click.

With video ads, you can also add a call to action button in your video if you want to which can direct users to a landing page of your choice, so you can also drive traffic to your website with video ads as well.

Carousel ads

With carousel ads, you can create ads that will be based on up to 6 images or gifs as compared to one which is normally offered in promoted ads.

Carousel ads are usually represented to Reddit users in their news feed.

With carousel ads, you get two types of ad prices, one is CPM and the other one is CPC, here you do not get the third type that you get with promoted ads which is the cost per view.

Carousel ads are usually great when you need to promote more than one product in one single ad, since you can add 6 different images, you can also use each image to promote a different product which can be really useful for those who are trying to a promote a product lineup.

How to set up Reddit ads for your campaign

When you will be starting out to launch an ad campaign with Reddit ads, you might find it difficult to do so and it may also take a lot of time since you are not too familiar with the concept of Reddit ads or you do not know how you can use the different tools that Reddit represent to its users who are in the process of running a campaign.

Narrow down your audience

When creating your ad campaign, you will need to choose the audience to which Reddit will show your ads because finding the audience which you mentioned in your campaign is Reddit work but mentioning the target audience in the campaign dashboard which comes first is your work.

When choosing the audience for their products in the advertising dashboard, a lot of people make a huge mistake by choosing a wider audience thinking that this audience will also include users who will be ready to buy their product.

However this strategy fails badly because when you are ads are being shown to a larger audience, they can barely relate to your product and hence, your campaigns do not provide you the results you expected them to.

That is why it is very important that you choose a very targetted audience that can quickly and deeply relate with your product, which will in the end improve your conversion rate, increase your revenue and also make your ROI positive which will make your compaigns successful?

well, but how do you find your target audience and then show Reddit ads to them?

For doing that, you will need as much information about your target audience as possible.

To do that, you can imagine your ideal customer in your own mind, just think about what are the issues that your product is solving, and then think of what type of people will be facing those problems that your products solved, in which type of field will be those people working in facing those problems?

ask yourself all these questions and then there will be an image of the ideal customer for your product and then you can use that information to target the right audience, other than that, you can do some research on social media, you will need to find posts related to your product and then analyze the data like which type of group was that post made?

By doing the steps that I mentioned, you can narrow down your audience to a very high level which will not only increase the engagement rate of your ads a lot but it will also increase the conversion rate to a new level as well which will be really profitable for you.

Set up your campaign

After you have decided what will your target audience look like for the best results possible, now it is time that you set up your campaign and then launch it.

In this part, you will need to go to and then you will be taken to the advertising menu, there you will need to select the purpose of your campaign select whatever the purpose is, if you want brand awareness, choose brand awareness, and if you want conversions chose conversions.

You will also need to give your campaign a name.

After that, you will need to make an ad group and also give it another name so it will be easier for you in the future to manage it and also to track its results.

Then you will need to select the different keywords that you want your ads to be shown in, also the location and other various things, add these things.

You will also need to choose where you want your ads to be placed, if you want them to be placed in the news feed of the Reddit users, then you can choose that, or if you want your ad to be shown in the conversations of the Reddit users that they are having, you can also choose that as well.

Choose whatever you think works better for you, or you can do a/b testing and then see what works better for you.

generally, during a conversation users are much more focused on the topic, however, showing ads in the news feed can also work really well.

After you are done with choosing the position of your ads, then you will need to choose the budget for your ads.

Choose the budget and then you will have some last steps to do.

These last steps include adding the name for your ads, then you will need to add tracking to your boss, you can add third-party tracking as well and Reddit allows it as well.

Then add the post that you want to promote add a CTA button, preview your ad and then launch it, and you are set now.


Even though Reddit has millions of users to which you can promote and get sales with also growing your brand name which itself is an investment for a longterm, if you do not know the right way to promote to people you can get banned by Reddit also, there are a lot of people I know who have experienced this as a result of not focusing and just marketing any way they want.

If Reddit is hard or it does not like people self-promoting themself, then it does not simply mean that you cannot use Reddit at all for marketing purposes, you just need to get this idea out of your mind that you are going on Reddit for just marketing purposes if you go on Reddit, help other people without any expectations of something in return, then for sure you will also find a lot of opportunities for self-promotion as well which in the process will also help other Reddit users as well.

You can also make your own subreddit which will be your own separate audience on Reddit and for which you can also make your own rules as well.

Other than that, using Reddits ads is another good idea for marketing your products on red9t in an effective and fast way.

I have broken down all the strategies and ideas through which not only you can help other Reddit users but also get traffic and promote your own products as well without being spammy or being called a spammer.

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