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How to do marketing on Pinterest

if you are a social media user, you must have heard of Pinterest once in your life whether or not you use it. If you are doing social media marketing for your business, most probably you will be using the top players in social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

There is a great chance that you might not have ever thought about marketing your businesses on Pinterest and believed to generate traffic and sales from it.

Even if you had thought about marketing on Pinterest, you might had drop the idea thinking it will not work or it won’t be worth it.

However, in reality, you should not be ignoring Pinterest even if you are getting really good results from other social media platforms such as Facebook because Pinterest will provide you with a whole different audience which will have huge potential of being converted into your customer.

Adding Pinterest to your social media marketing strategy will just be like adding hundreds of millions of users to your reach since Pinterest has more than 250 million monthly active users.

Not only does Pinterest has a huge User base but that User base is also growing, and that growth is not usual, it is superfast as Pinterest has seen massive growth in the number of Pinterest accounts in some past years and this has not stopped yet, it is still going on.

Create a business account

If you have yet not created your business account on Pinterest, just go to Pinterest and create your business account.

If you already have an account on Pinterest but it is not a business account, it is a personal account then just convert that account into a business account.

It is very important to have a business account as marketing with a personal account does not sound like a good idea and will most probably not work for you.

With a business account, Pinterest will provide you with a lot more features that you can use for your marketing purposes on Pinterest that you might not have been able to use with your personal account.

However, with the additional features that you would get with your business account which will improve your marketing, you will also need to be careful when using that business account as there will be more rules that you will need to follow with your business account that you would have needed to follow with your personal account.

These additional policies with what you need to agree with, are not very different just as you can expect such as not spamming, etc.

Create pins with the ideal size

Before you start creating and posting pins on Pinterest, it is important that you create those pins in the most ideal size so that the users who see those pins can have a good experience and can see them properly.

Not creating pins in the ideal size will disturb the visuals of your pins as some part of your pin will be visible while the other will just be cut out from the part, or your pin might just get zoomed in and the part that you wanted to show might not be shown.

If you are thinking about what would be the ideal size of a Pinterest pin, then an ideal size for the image of a Pinterest pin is about 736×1102. This is the size that you should be aiming for when you are creating images for your Pinterest pins and are going to post.

Make images that attract users

In Pinterest, one thing which will be playing a huge part in deciding the engagement rate that you can get with the pins that you post is the images that you use in those pins.

I think I can easily say that an image can either make your pin a waste of time if it is not good enough or on the other hand, an image can make your pin really attractive and can provide you with a great amount of engagement rate.

That is why it is very important that you put in the time and also the focus when you ar creating images for your pins.

There are different points that you need to keep in your mind when you are creating images.

First of all, the image should be of high resolution, if the resolution is low and the users who see the pin cannot understand your pin just because it’s too blurred, your pin will just be ignored.

secondly, test out different colors in your pins, what you will find out is that the posts that have a dark color perform worse than the ones that have right and light colors.

Make sure that you do another kind of test as well such as which type of content works better in the image, maybe adding pictures of people can get you a better engagement rate for your pins, or maybe removing them can improve the results, you will need to do these test and then continue with the type which performed better.

Create pins that are searchable

On Pinterest, it’s all about visuals, and the search feature of interest is also heavily influenced by the visuals of the pins.

Think about how your target audience will find out about your pin? obviously, most of them will be reaching out to your pins by searching them since that is what most of Pinterest users do.

If the pins that you create cannot be searched by your targetted audience on Interest and cannot appear in the search results, then how would you drive the audience to your pins?

That is why you should make hose pins and post those pins on your account which can be searchable and not just come out with random ideas which nobody can think of nor can anybody search them.

Just like you when you are creating your blog posts, you tend to create articles that can easily be searchable so that you can get that search engine audience, so you also have to think the same with Pinterest pins.

Post pins in the most popular categories

On Pinterest, there are categories that as you can guess categorize all the pins so that different pins from different categories can reach a different audience that is interested in that category.

Since there are different categories in each niche, it also means that the size of those categories or the size of the audience of those categories is also different.

Some categories will be bigger than others having a bigger audience than others.

You should use this to your advantage by making and posting your pins in the most popular and in the bigger categories so that you can have access to the bigger audience, and since you will have access to a bigger audience, you will also be able to drive a bigger amount of traffic to your website as well.

Use a good landing page

Marketing on Pinterest and getting good results from it is not just limited to posting pins on Pinterest, there is something that you need to do outside of interest as well.

If your goal is to drive revenue and sales from interest, and you want to convert those users who click on your pins, then you should also focus on your landing page on which users will land after clicking on your pin.

Make sure that you have a high converting landing page that has a high conversion rate. To make such high-converting landing pages, you do not need to know how to code nor do you need to hire a web developer, you can just simply use Leadpages, which will let you make high-converting landing pages easily since it is also really easy to use.

Post when your audience is most active

Posting your content at the time when your audience will be the most active is a really good strategy for driving the most amount of engagement rate from that platform as well as for having the maximum reach.

The same thing goes for posting your pins on Pinterest this means that the time on which you will be posting will have an effect on the results that you will be driving from those pins.

Some hours will work better for you and will produce a better engagement rate and better CTR than some other hours.

But how do you know at what time you need to post?

well according to general data, posting between 2 pm to 4 pm EST is a good time and has been tested for providing better results than other timings, however, this does not mean that you cannot find a better time to post than the one mentioned.

You can post at different times and then see the engagement rate and the impressions and other results that you got from those posts. Take the one which performed better than the others and then note its time, that time of the post which provided you the best results will be the ideal time on which you will be posting.

Use your audience from other platforms

On Pinterest, your main method of acquiring an audience and followers will be the traditional method of posting high-quality pins and then getting more and more followers, but there are other methods as well through which you can increase your following and your audience.

You can use your social media following from other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, From Instagram, etc, and then send those followers to your Pinterest account, in this way, you will be growing your Pinterest audience by using the other social media audience that you have on other platforms.

Doing this will also provide you more reach to your audience and will allow you to control your audience and market to them in a better way, that is because when they will be following you on multiple platforms, there are more chances that they will be engaging with you then they would have been if they were only following on you on a single platform.

Use Pinterest analytics

You are posting pins on Pinterest, and you are trying your best to make high-quality pins but how will you know if your posts are reaching the audience and getting the engagement rate and the results that you wanted them to get?

The answer is simply by using Pinterest analytics. Like all the other social media platforms such as Instagram which provide analytic tools, Pinterest is also no different as it also provides tools for analyzing the performance of your pins.

Earlier in the article, I mentioned making a business account or to convert your personal account into a business account, well that was because other than a lot of other useful features that you get with a business account, Pinterest analytics is another tool that you would get once you make your business account.

With interest analytics, you get a lot of data related to the performance of your pins that you posted on Pinterest including data like the average repin your pins are getting, the average number of comments each of your pins is getting, and a lot more.

It will show you how much reach you have with your pins, how much engagement rate you are getting, and so on.

The purpose of using Pinterest analytics is not only to just see numbers on your screen showing the performance of your pins, you have to use that data to improve your marketing strategy on Pinterest.

For example, if your pins are not giving good results, then using analytical data, you have to change the content of your pins, and their visuals and then see if they have improved or not, similarly, you have to also see what type of your pins are performing the best and then continue with those type of pins.


Whether or not you have already heard of doing marketing on Pinterest, you should not be ignoring this platform as a source for getting sales.

Pinterest gets over 250 million monthly active users to which you will have an opportunity for promoting your business.

Make sure the pins that you are uploading are of high quality, they are good enough that they can attract users because Pinterest is mostly all about the visuals, the better visuals your pin has, the more chances there will be of it performing better.

Use images that have high resolution so that they can be clear and do not seem blurred which ruins the user experience.

Post our pins in the most popular categories.

Kow at that time you need to post in order to get the best results from your pins.

Use a good landing page and finally use Pinterest analytics to see how many good results you are getting with Pinterest.

By applying these methods, you will soon start getting results from Pinterest and will be glad that you did marketing on Pinterest.

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