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how to do Facebook marketing

In 2022, with having more than a whopping 2.9 billion active monthly users, Facebook is without a doubt the largest social media platform and in those 2.9 billion users, you can find your target audience and market to them known as Facebook marketing.

How do you benefit your business from those billions of Facebook users? well by learning Facebook marketing and applying its different proven strategies.

Since most people are not similar to the term Facebook marketing, they mostly panic when the discussion is about Facebook marketing. But do not worry, as in this article I will discuss all the different parts of Facebook, I will explain to you different strategies which you can execute easily on Facebook to market your business, and then, I will tell you how to get the results you want from Facebook.

What do I mean by Facebook marketing?

Let’s first discuss what Facebook marketing is?

If you want the simplest explanation, then you can take Facebook marketing as the meaning of marketing on Facebook.

Any type of marketing of a business, product, or service on Facebook can be in short called Facebook marketing.

Also, Facebook marketing does not consist of only one type, there are many different versions of it such:

  • Doing marketing in Facebook groups
  • Doing marketing on business pages
  • Using Facebook ads for marketing
  • Utilizing the Facebook marketplace for the marketing

Other than these types, there are also other types as well but those come in minor, while the ones I mentioned are the major different types.

Another huge advantage of Facebook is that even if you do not want to spend any money and want to market for free, you can still do Facebook marketing, on the other side if you have money and want to get really fast results from Facebook marketing, you can try its ads as well which also work really well.

This means that whatever budget you are on, you do not need to worry as Facebook marketing can be done by people with all budgets.

Why Facebook marketing is important to you?

After learning what Facebook marketing is, You might ask the question why should you try Facebook marketing?

well, since there are close to a hundred million businesses already doing Facebook marketing, there will be a great chance that competitors in your niche are also utilizing Facebook for their business.

So, if your competitors are utilizing it, why should not you do it, would you let them take advantage of a platform with huge potential all alone without giving them any competition on the platform?

Other than that, these days a huge percentage of people join social media platforms to find the products that they desire and Facebook is no exception.

Hundreds of Millions of Users come to Facebook just to find more products that they like and also to connect with their favorite brands.

This means that there are already millions of users who are looking for the products that you are offering, you just need to help them to find your product.

So, underestimating Facebook marketing can be a huge mistake for the growth of your business.

Create a Facebook business page

Interface when creating a Facebook page.

Before I start telling you about creating a Facebook page, let’s first discuss what a business page is.

It is obvious when you are using Facebook, most of the time when you are using Facebook, you see personal profiles of people who represent that person on Facebook and through that profile, the person can connect with his friends and extend his social reach.

It is the same case with a business that is using Facebook with some differences.

Where the normal users have a profile that describes them, businesses also have a business page that acts as a profile for that business, and like personal profiles, it also shows information but the difference is, that the information is not about a person but about a company, a business or an organization.

In a personal profile, if you want to connect with someone, you have to either send them a friend request or accept their friend request but on a business page, it is much simpler if someone wants to connect with that business page, they just have to like that business page.

After someone has liked your business

they will now start receiving updates and news related to your business that you will post on your business page in their news feed.

In this way, they will always be connected with your business and will have the latest knowledge of your business.

Personal page vs business page

When creating a page, you will be asked to choose between a personal page and a business page.

Since you will be making a page for your business, so you should choose a business page from the two options.

If you decide to choose the personal page option and then use it as a profile for your business there are certain chances that the page can be banned by Facebook.

You will also need to write the name of your Business page, pay attention to this task as it may cause you problems later on when you try to change the name of your business page.

Generally, there are not many problems that happen when changing the name of a Business page but still problems can occur while doing so.

Photos and description

After you are done naming your business page, now it is time to give some visual characteristics to your business page.

For doing so, you will need to add two pictures to your Facebook Page, one will be the profile photo of your business page and the other will be the cover photo.

Profile photo for Business page

For the part of the profile photo, you should add a profile photo that users can easily relate to.

What I mean by this is to avoid adding a random profile photo that does not have any meaning and to which users cannot relate just to fill the spot.

Rather spend some time, creating a meaningful profile photo as it will also be one of the first things which users will see and can decide a lot about the engagement of your page with users.

Add a profile photo that can describe your business such as a logo or something other meaningful.

Cover photo

After you have added the profile picture to your website, now is the time you add a cover picture of your business page.

The cover picture that you add should generally be representing what your business page is about but it can also be used to represent the current events happening in your business.

For example, if there is currently some kind of a discount or special offer running on your product, you can also show it through your business page cover photo.

So, you will be changing your cover page very often since there will be different offers on your products at different times.


Example of how the description tab will look like

After you are done making and adding the cover page of your Business page, now you should be focusing on the description of your business page.

The description will be another important part of your landing page since it will appear with the name of your landing page in the search bar.

Your description should not be very long and should be able to tell the story of your business page in some short sentences.

Try to limit your description to 2 sentences and in those 2 sentences, you have to explain what your brand is about and what they can find on the business page.

Then you will be at the last step which will be to make a username for your website.

You may ask that you have already added a name for your website, then why do you need t

need to add a username, well that’s because there will be a URL of your group and it will be special for your group, so the username that you will choose to add for your group will appear in the URL.

So make sure that the user name that you will choose will be easy to remember and understand that’s because followers of your business page will be using that username in the URL to reach your business page.

Other important things to do

Now, you are almost done. You can do some other things to make your page complete such as setting up roles for your page.

Some of you who know about discord, in discord servers there are different roles for different people so that some people can have the power to fix different things in the server.

It is the same with Facebook pages, you can create roles for different people and then give them the roles.

The benefit of this will be that you will not have to give the log-in information of your Facebook to others in order to let them modify your page, but with roles, you can provide them with the power to change your page which can save you time.

You can also further organize your group by managing different tabs of your group.

Growing Facebook page

Keep the page active

I have a question for you, if you visit a Business page and you see that its last post was a week ago or a month ago, would you follow that page?

Most probably not.

Now imagine another side where you visit a Facebook business page and see that its last activity was some hours ago or some minutes ago, will you be interested in following that Facebook page?

Of course, because you know that this Facebook page will provide you with the latest news about the brand in the news food and not just randomly provide your old information in the news feed.

That is why it is important to keep your Facebook page active to make it grow, you can also use insights to know when are your page followers online, so when they are, you can also engage with the page at the same time.

Share your page on other platforms

You can grow your page to a lot of followers just by getting Facebook users to follow your page not only that will be not enough but also there are other methods through which you can grow your Facebook page.

If you are active on Facebook, it means that Facebook is not the only social media platform on which you will be active.

Share your Facebook business page on other platforms as well, especially on other platforms where you have followers.

In this way, people from another platform will be connected with you through your business page which will grow your page as well.

Another platform where you can promote your page to make it grow which can also be really effective is your website.

By promoting your page on your website, not only will you be increasing followers of your business page but also this will mean that you will be increasing loyalty with the customers since now they will have multiple platforms through which they will be connected with you.

You can also promote your business page in other Facebook groups which are related to your niche and it will also provide you with a lot of followers


If you are willing to put in the money in order to grow the followers of the business page, then you can also utilize Facebook ads to grow your Facebook page.

we will talk about using Facebook ads later in the article but here I can give you a quick summary of how you can use them to grow your Facebook page.

Facebook ads can be used just like Google ads in order to show your message and promote your products, services, or anything to the exact audience you are looking for.

In this way, using Facebook ads, you can not only add more followers to your Facebook page but those followers will be able to relate very strongly with your Facebook page which means that those followers will have more potential of getting turned down into customers.

Not only but also Facebook ads will show the results you are looking for very quickly for a business page because unlike normal methods of growing a page, Facebook ads will send your message to potential customers in a very short amount of period.

Marketing with the business page

So now, I have mentioned all the methods that will not only help you to create an effective landing page but also now you know, how you can grow your business page in both free and paid ways.

Now that you will have your own Facebook business page and you will also have a good amount of followers, you will be able to effectively able to promote your business and not only grow its brand name but also generate more sales and convert those pages followers into customers.

Also, make sure that you fully utilize the Facebook insight feature which will provide you with all the analytical data of your Facebook business page.

If you can observe that data carefully, you can increase your engagement with the page followers.

For example, as mentioned above if you are not getting enough engagement with your page followers, you can use data provided by Facebook insight to see at which time are your page followers the most active on Facebook.

In this way, you can post at that exact time and you will get more engagement.

Join Other Facebook groups

Since now we have discussed Facebook business pages in detail, now it is time that we move on to other platforms within Facebook that you can use to market your business, generate traffic, and generate sales.

Let’s first discuss what Facebook groups are?

Facebook groups are communities on Facebook which consist of Facebook users who have similar ideas, or similar fields to each other.

For example, if there is a group on the Facebook-related workouts, all the people who will be in the group can easily relate to working out and also have a similar mindset

In this way, all the users in a Facebook group can easily engage with one another since their posts will be easily relatable to other users.

There are hundreds of millions of groups on Facebook.

A large amount of those groups are indexed on google but the others are not.

Since there are hundreds of millions of groups, this means that there will be groups in every niche possible on Facebook.

So, whatever niche you have, you should not face problems with joining Facebook groups related to your niche.

Join Groups in your niche

Example of how you can search for groups.

Just go into the search bar and then type in a keyword that will be related to your niche.

After you put in the keyword, you will be shown a list of groups that will have the keyword you mentioned in them.

You will also be shown the number of members they have, so you can estimate by the number of members how much engagement you will get in the Facebook group.

Just open these groups and join them

In some groups, you can just directly join without providing any information and can start right away posting in the group and engaging with other members of the group.

While in some other groups, you will need to submit your request to join the group.

While submitting the request, you will be asked to answer questions.

Usually, these questions are just normal and very easy to answer.

You will be asked about your email, and how did you find the groups and you will also be shown the rules of the groups.

Mostly the Facebook groups do not like the idea of spamming, and usually, the posts of such members who do not provide value to the group and to the other members and only focus on self-promotion are kicked from the group.

So make sure when you are joining these groups, you read their rules carefully and also keep in mind these rules later on when you will be engaging in the group.

You are allowed to join over 6000 groups on Facebook, so join as many groups as you want since you will have no limit, in this way you can also increase your engagement in Facebook groups since you will a lot of them and at any time, there will be some kind of topic being discussed in one of those groups.

How to market in those groups.

earlier on, I told you that there are certain rules in most of the groups that you have to follow while engaging in the group.

In your first days, try to provide value to the other members of the group without promoting yourself, in this way you can build more trust with other group members.

So, in the future when you will mention a link, the other group members are less likely to take that as spam and more as a resource that can further help them.

If you are trying to promote affiliate products, then affiliate links are usually banned in Facebook groups by the admins so you will have to use a landing page if you do not want to get kicked out of the group for mentioning an affiliate link.

Whenever you will be promoting a product or a service, make sure that you also provide some useful information in your post as well, so all the group members can take advantage of it.

It is not a good practice to market in your every post especially when you will be engaging with the posts of other group members, do not market your product continuously in every post, otherwise, it will start taking the image of spamming.

When you have promoted something in the first post, do not market anything else other than helping others in your next two or three posts.

I have tried Facebook groups myself and they work really well, sometimes your posts will be decided for no reason but it happens rarely, other than that you will be happy with your efforts in Facebook groups.

Create your own Facebook group

example of how your group will look like

Joining Facebook groups that are created by others is not enough, you also need to create your own Facebook groups.

You might ask that when you have already joined other Facebook groups, why do you need to make your own Facebook group?

Well, there is a really easy answer to this. When you will be joining other groups, you will have to follow their rules and but in your own group, you can set your own rules and others will have to follow your rules.

Also, in your own group, you can control all the posts, you can also highlight your own posts which will make them appear at the top of other posts and your message will be able to reach a wider audience in the group.

Private vs public group

when you will be in the process of creating your Facebook group, you will be asked whether you want to make your group public or if you want it to be private.

But what is the difference between a private Facebook group and a private Facebook group?

In public Facebook, anyone can join the group, anyone can see the content posted into the group and see the group members, only the posts of the group members will need the approval of admins

The story is a little different in private groups because, in private groups, not everyone can just come, visit and join the group, see the content, and other group members.

Any Facebook users who will want to join the group and want to see Group content and want to engage with it and other group members will need the approval of admins.

So in general, private Facebook groups are better since they are much more managed than public groups, this also means that there will be less spamming in private groups as compared to public groups where everyone can join.

I will advise you to choose a private group when you will be making one rather than a public group because it will be easy for you to manage your group if it will be private.

Though Public groups also have their own advantages as generally, they have more members than private groups since anyone can join instantly without the need for the approval of the admin

How to grow your Facebook group

The methods for growing Facebook groups are somewhat similar to the methods of the Business page.

However growing a Facebook group can be easier than growing a business Page and the reason behind this is that in a Facebook group, the person who joins the group also gets a lot of benefits such as if some needs help regarding the topic, he can just post it in the group and there will other members ready to answer his questions, they can also increase their own reach since they will be joining a group where there be a huge number of other members as well.

One of the methods which I really like to make your Facebook grow is that when you are helping people in other Facebook groups, you can mention your group as another source that can be helpful for them. Other than that, you can mention your Facebook group on your website just like you did with the promotion of the business page.

You can also promote your Facebook group on the business page that you created, in this way you can connect the audience of your Facebook page and of your Facebook group with one another.

Other than that, you can apply the same methods that I mentioned earlier for the business page to make your group grow.

Utilize messenger for your marketing

You have heard of Messenger, maybe you have even used it for you always took it as a way of communicating with your friends.

But have you ever thought that messenger can also be used as a way of marketing your business which can result in really great results?

in 2022, Messenger is close to having almost one and a half billion monthly users and these monthly users send billions of messages through Messenger every month to one another.

This means that you can also use messenger like email marketing where just by sending marketing messages to your contact list, you can derive a huge amount of sales depending on the size of your List.

Not only that but Facebook Messenger has some statistics which even surprise Email marketers.

Email marketing has an open rate of around 210% according to stats but on the other hander, the messenger is from another world since it has an average open rate of up to 80%.

If that is not enough to surprise you, then here is another stat.

Email marketing has a click-through rate of 1% which if we compare it with the 20% click-through rate of messenger seems nothing.

This is enough to prove that Facebook messenger is a platform that you cannot ignore even if you want to.

Not only that but making a messenger ist is much easier than making an email list

How to make a messenger contact list

Just like Email marketing, making a list for messenger marketing is very important as it will be that list to whom you will be marketing.

There are a lot of ways through which you can collect messenger leads and surprisingly all of them seem very easy to apply.

For example, one of the ways to collect leads for messengers is that whenever some posts in your Facebook group, you can take that as a lead and then use the messenger account of that person for marketing purposes.

In this way, you will be able to collect a huge amount of leads in just a short amount of time.

Just imagine how many posts are made in a single group every single day and most of those groups are by different persons.

So, even if we underestimate, you will be able to collect tens of new leads every single day due to the number of posts that are made by group members.

Similarly, another thing that you can do is when someone visits your website, you can also drive them to messenger by a CTA button on your website.

Sending marketing messages on Messenger

As I mentioned earlier how crazy open rates and click-through rates Messenger has, well but that does not mean that you can send out any message and then expect to receive that kind of results.

You will still need to do little work. If you are going to send messages which have very noninteresting headlines, will your leads be opening these messages? probably not.

So that is why it is better to make the headline of your message interesting which can catch the attention of your customers.

You may ask how can you make your messages more interesting, so much so that it can drive the attention of the people to whom you are sending gout these messages?

Well, try to add questions in your messages which can create curiosity in the minds of the people who receive the message, in this way, there will be more chances of them opening your messages and also clicking through them.


In Facebook messenger marketing, to manage your messenger contacts to whom you have sent messages and to also easily respond to the messages that they send back, you will need a chatbot.

You may ask what are chatbots?

chatbots are those bots that will be responding to the messages that you receive according to the data that you have inserted into them

They will respond according to the keywords which are used in the message that you have received and then the message that will be sent back by the chatbox will be what you have added in the chatbox for those keywords.

For example, if the keyword Pricing is used in the message, you can add a response in your chatbot to what you want the chatbot to reply to a message including the keyword pricing.

If you set the response with the amount of money that costs for a certain product for keyword pricing, whenever a message with keyword pricing will be received, the chatbox will send the exact message that you have entered in the chatbox.

You may be worried about how can make Chatbox, well do not worry about that as there are really easy methods for creating so.

If you know to code, then obviously you can make one by yourself but if you do not know to code like I don’t, then you can also try the other way which is easier.

You can try out software called Mobile monkey which will help you to create a bot that you can use for your messenger marketing purposes.

You can take this guide to learn how to make a chatbox with a mobile monkey.

If you want to learn further about Messenger marketing, you can read out this article by Buffer.

Facebook ads

Since there are nearly 3 billion users on Facebook, promoting your business to these customers sometimes can’t only take a lot of time but also a lot of effort as well.

However, there is one thing by which you can reach out to your targeting audience not only way faster than regular methods but also with great results and more effective and that is Facebook advertising.

Facebook ads can be a great way to reach out to your audience and promote your business to them, and there are already millions of advertisers who advertise on Facebook, this means that Facebook ads have been working great for them and they can also work for you as well.

As we all know that Facebook knows its customers really well, it will also be safe to you that you can rarely find another platform that has more information about its users than Facebook.

Facebook uses that information about its users to provide the best results to the advertisers using Facebook advertising.

Who should use Facebook ads

It is no doubt that Facebook ads have the potential to provide really good results at the end of its marketing campaigns but that does not mean that every type of marketing and every type of business can fit into Facebook advertising.

Even though Facebook is an ideal place for marketing, it still does not mean that people using Facebook are waiting to see ads that will ask them to buy products.

That is because people come on Facebook to relax, chat with their friends, or to just scroll down and enjoy.

This means that there will be fewer chances of them leaving Facebook after clicking on your ad, and then straight up buying the product that you want them to buy.

That is why markers take Facebook ads as a way to get profits later on and not at the exact moment a user clicks on the ads.

Once a user clicks on your ads and reaches your website, you should try to make easier conversions such as asking them for giving their email instead of directly trying to make them buy the product you are offering.

That is because, later on, you can use email marketing to sell your products to those users, and then you will start making profits from the money you spent on Facebook ads.

This means that Facebook ads are a marketing strategy for the long term and not for the short term.

So, if you are looking for an advertising strategy that can provide you with instant conversions o your products, then you might want to stay away from Facebook advertising.

How do ad campaigns run on Facebook?

There are various products or services that you can promote on Facebook ads such as your own Facebook posts,t your page, your groups, or your own website as well.

Even though Facebook is continuously making changes to its advertising as well as to its algorithm so users stay on Facebook instead of clicking on an or a post and then directing to another website, but still with Facebook ads, driving traffic to your website will be no difficult ask unless you do not know how you do it.

When you will be creating an ad on Facebook, you will be asked to choose between various different options to make your audience more and more targeted for deriving better results.

The options that will be presented to you will include gender, location, language, etc.

You will also need to choose the amount of money that you want to pay to Facebook for every thousand impressions that your ads get or for each click that is made on your ad.

After you have published your Facebook ad, it will be shown either in the news feed of your target audience or it will e shown in the sidebar of your User’s Facebook interface.

Facebook ads can also be useful for increasing your brand name awareness but the main purpose of why marketers use Facebook ads is usually to drive traffic towards their main product.

To whom should you show ads

Having a huge user base on Facebook sometimes leads marketers into showing their ads to a large audience but this ends in failure often.

Some people think that if they can choose a larger audience in their niche, they would be able to reach their targetted audience most effectively and efficiently.

But such campaigns end up providing a negative ROI on the advertising campaigns.

Another problem with choosing a large audience that you will face is that the price of your campaigns will be higher since you will be showing ads to a larger audience as compared to the prices when you will be showing ads to a smaller but more targeted audience.

Because then, a higher portion of people who will see your ads will be interested in it if we compare it to when we are promoting to a larger audience, then there is a small portion who are interested in our ad.

Utilize targeting options correctly

The above points lead us to this point which is about using the tools provided by Facebook for targeting correctly and effectively.

Remember when we talked about how Facebook uses the information of its users to benefit its ad marketers, well Facebook does that by providing us with a lot of options that we can use to lower our targetted audience so that it becomes more and more precise the deeper we go.

The most useful options that Facebook provides for targeting are age, gender, location, and interests of the users.

We can use all the above-mentioned options to narrow down our audience.

For example, by using the option to choose the age of our target audience, if we are selling cosmetic products, for example, we can choose an age between 20-40, and for the part of gender, we can use females since they will be our targetted customers.

For the part of the location, we can select countries where cosmetics products are the most popular such as countries in western Europe like France, the United Kingdom, etc.

To utilize the interest field, we can insert things that are closely related to our products, we can also insert topics that our target audience has engaged with on Facebook and which were directly related to our products.

We can also set out certain activities that our targetted audience performs on their mobile devices like the profiles that they follow.

The above was just a common example of how you can narrow down your audience, you can go further deep into choosing your target audience.


Retargetting refers to the term where we show ads to people who have already seen our brand or its products or have in the past click on our products.

So since there is already a little bit of similarity between the user and our brand, the conversion rate will also be higher than before.

You can also show these ads to have visited your website before but then left your website without buying anything, or if they had put something in the cart, but then did not make the final purchase

such users convert really well since they are already very familiar with our products and also are interested in our products.

Make your ads attractive

Choosing your targetted audience is one thing, but that does not mean that now you do not work on the visuals of your ads just because your audience will be interested in the topic of your ad.

Take an example of your favorite content creators, if they create content that interests you but the thumbnails of the content are not good enough to attract you, will you click on that content?


That is why you also need to focus on the visuals of your ads such as the images which represent on your ads to the customers.

Make sure that the image which you are using for your ads is not of someone else, you did not copy it from google, try to make it by yourself.

You may ask what type of images you should include in your ads, well there are different types of images that can work really well for your campaigns.

For example, Neil Patel suggests using the images of people in which their faces can be relatable to your targetted audience, using images that present something funny can also work.

SO there are different things that you can test out and which work for you.

But make sure that you put in the time when choosing an image for your ads.

Do not choose the logo of your business since most probably that audience will not be sim

Focus on CTR

The main thing which will decide whether your campaigns were successful or whether your campaigns were failures is CTR or click-through rate. CTR is the number of people who click on your ad divided by the number of people who see your ad.

You might say that how will CTR decide the result of my campaigns, well that is because if your CTR is low, then the amount of money that you will need to pay for each click that you get on your ad will increase similarly if your CTR is high, then the amount of money that you will be paying to Facebook per click that you can get on your ad will be low.

Since the main purpose of the ads is to generate more money than you spent on your ads, whether in the long term or in the short term, the amount of money that you are spending as compared to the number of clicks that you get affects this a lot.

Make high converting landing page

Getting a click on your ads is only one part of the work, the other work has to be done on the website where your visitors are landing after clicking on your ad.

The main purpose of getting clicks is to get conversions and the conversion rate most of the time depends on your landing page.

And if your landing page is not good enough to cover the visitors into customers, then what was the purpose of paying facebook for getting visitors to your website?

Even if you get a very high CTR and seems like your campaign is going to be successful since you got a really low price for each click that you got on our ad, a bad landing page can waste all of that effort.

So make sure that you have a high converting landing page.


with the rise of social media, marketers have also started to make more often on social media.

While there are a lot of platforms son social media, but one which stands above all and is often considered t be the best for social media marketing is Facebook.

With almost 3 billion users, Facebook is a great platform for marketing, and since your competition is already using Facebook, you should also do the same.

That is why in this article, I broke down all the methods from which you can market your business on Facebook ranging from free methods which anyone can apply to the paid methods such as Facebook ads which people who

Start Facebook marketing before it’s too late and your competition has already made a strong foothold on the platform. ant to invest money can utilize.

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