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Here are the top email marketing software for beginners

There is usually a common thought found all over the small businesses which leads them in forgetting about doing marketing through email and just putting all of their focus on other platforms as an alternative to email marketing such as social media marketing and content marketing.

It is true that social media marketing and content marketing perform really well and often provide the results to the digital marketers that they expected but it does not mean that these channels perform better than email marketing or they eliminate the need to try email marketing.

more than 99% of the people who are using email all over the world, open the email and check their inbox, and see all the incoming emails at least once per day.

This number is not only huge in the matter of the percentage but it is even more huge if we take that percentage comparatively with the total number of email users which is more than 4 billion, this means that almost all of those 4 billion email users check their inbox every single day.

You can take any social media marketing platform, the biggest one which is Facebook, even Facebook does not show that high of a number of its percentage of users who open Facebook daily. This makes email marketing one of the best platforms for marketing.

Since email marketing cannot be done without the use of digital marketing tools, that is why in this article, I will be mentioning some of the best email marketing software which will actually be supporting all of your email marketing campaigns, providing you results and also helping you to improve them.

Mailchimp: Best free option

Even though email marketing provides you with a crazy high ROI of 3800%, and it is also very cheap, but still it does not mean that any business who wants to start email marketing does not have to think of the budget.

A common obstacle that comes in the way of many small businesses who are looking to start email marketing is the lack of a good budget, and Mailchimp fixes that issue.

But how does Mailchimp fix that issue? simply by providing with you a free plan which not only has “free” in its name but it also provides a lot of features in that free plan which to a big extent can fulfill the needs of small businesses who are just starting out.

Mailchimp is fairly easy to use, even when I tried it I did not find a lot of problems when trying to learn all of its features however a very bad habit of Mailchimp is that they keep changing things, and by things I mean their user interface.

A good example of how fast Mailchimp and how often Mailchimp changes the use of its various features and its UI is checking out a youtube tutorial some months ago, and when you will try to do the same thing which was in the tutorial, you will find out that the location of options has changed.

However this issue is not that big of a deal but it can still be a little frustrating for beginners who already find it hard when trying out a new tool, and hence Mailchimp keeps changing it.

Leadpages: best for capturing emails

Most email marketing software either does not have advanced features for building advanced landing pages for capturing emails, or either the features that they provide for building landing pages to capture emails are not enough.

That is why Leadpages can be your best choice when it comes to collecting emails and making a strong email list for your email marketing campaigns.

Leadpages will help you make high-converting landing pages to capture emails, it will provide you with a lot of templates that will have already a good conversion rate as they will already be tested out.

Omnisend: The best option for multi-platform marketing

If you are a business that does not only use email as a source of marketing but also other common and big sources for digital marketing such as SMS marketing and social media marketing and wants a tool that covers all of these three marketing strategies then Omnisend should be your choice.

Omnisend is a digital marketing tool that does only provide features for email marketing but also for social media and SMS marketing, this can be very useful since all of your data will be in one place which will save a lot of your time since you will not need to keep changing your management software for each marketing platform and will also increase your efficiency.

With Omnisend, creating emails and templates can be a really easy process, especially for beginners since its drag-and-drop features are easy to learn which can be a perfect choice for those starting out.

With Omnisend, you can also add additional elements to your emails such as discount coupons which have been proven as a great source for increasing conversion rate and in the process increasing your revenue as well.

You will also get analytic tools through which you will be able to analyze all of your email marketing platforms, observe how well they performed and what problems you need to solve in order to make your email marketing campaigns even better.

Another great feature of Omnisend is that it provides a free plan which will let the users send up to 500 emails per month, which is enough for testing out the product and seeing whether it will be worth or a good fit for them or not.

Constant Contact: Best for e-commerce businesses.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the biggest email marketing software which provides a huge number of features extending to different fields such as building websites and landing pages.

Constant contact is a good fit for those businesses that are no longer in the beginning phase, and they already have a good audience since Constant contact provides basic but advanced features for big businesses such as a/b testing which is a necessity when optimizing your email marketing campaign.

USing a/b testing tools, you can test out different types of subject lines and then Constant contact will collect all the data and will then provide statistics to you showing you which type of subject line worked better, such features can take your email marketing to the next level if you use them properly.

You also get other great features such as scheduling your posts which can also be a factor in providing you better results, you can automate messages for users, and much more.

Constant Contact has one downside which is that it does not provide its users with a free plan, however, it does provide a free trial so if you are worried about losing money, you do not need to worry as you can check out the free trial and see if COnstanct Contact can work or you the way you want it to.

Sendinblue: A full package

Sendinblue is an email marketing software that heavily focuses on automating email marketing, Despite the advance and huge number of features that Sendinblue provides to its users, actually Sendinblue is very young compared to its competitors.

Sendinblue has launched almost a decade ago in 2012 and in 2023, it already has about 100k customers, how it grew so fast is because of its service which to a great extent has satisfied its users.

If we take in the age of the competitors of Sendinblue especially the big players in email marketing software niches, such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact, those services have been here for a couple of decades and despite Sendinblue being launched many years after them, it still competes them and gives them a tough channel.

Sendinblue provides its users with a lot of tools through which they can design their emails, another thing in which Sendinblue is great is providing great analytical tools which are very handy in the long term.

If you are worrying about whether or not Sendinblue will have advanced features such as a/b testing, then do not worry as Sendinblue provides almost all kinds of those features, not only that but Sendinblue is also known for its automation, it will make it really easy for you to automate your email marketing campaigns.

You even get features outside of email marketing such as tools for SMS marketing.

Sendinblue offers a free account that will let you have unlimited contacts and will allow you to send up to 300 emails every single day however if this is not enough for you which for most will not be then you can easily upgrade to premium versions which will provide you with more capacity for sending emails and also provide you with more advance features.

ConvertKit: businesses who use content marketing


ConvertKit can be a perfect platform for those who are into content marketing and are looking for email marketing software.

Not only Converkit will help you to make your brand name and make more awareness about it through email marketing but it will also provide you with features that will provide you with a better deliverability rate, and also build simple landing pages with it.

ConvertKit also has a simple UI which makes it easy for those to get used to ConverKit who previously has not used any other email marketing software ad are new to email marketing software.

However, Convertkit also comes with some downsides such as that it does not provide as detailed analytical tools as provided by other email marketing software such as Sendinblue.

Convertkit also offers a plan which can be a good thing for those looking for a free way to start sending out emails and getting results from email marketing and it can also be used as a way to test whether Converkit will be worth it before upgrading to premium versions.

It will have you 1000 contacts and let you send unlimited emails for free, you can upgrade your plans as well, and also you can customize the number of contacts you want to have in your plan and then pay the price according to the number that you selected, it is very helpful for saving money when you do not need all the contacts provided in the premium plans.

ActiveCampaign: For automation

The more targeted email list you have the better results you will have, and that is what Active campaign focuses on.

Activecampaign will provide you with features that will make it really easy for you to differentiate your email list into many smaller lists for every different niche, this will help you to target every email address easy for you and you can convert them in a better way than just sending ou one email to all the contacts, which is not very targetted.

You will also get other basic features such as for designing your emails and more advanced features as well such as a/b testing.

ActiveCampaign does not offer a free plan and starts out at 30$ which for some might be a lot starting out but it will be worth it.

Getresponse: For building funnels

Getresponse is not only limited to managing your email list, sending out compiling, and then providing you analysis of the results you got from those email marketing campaigns but it will provide you with features such as even building email funnels for your email subscribers.

It has one of the largest customer bases among email marketing software with over 400k customers, that number is enough to show you that those 400k customers are satisfied with Getresponse, which means that has something which has attracted almost half a million people for using it.

Not only does it provide you with features for building funnels but it will also have features for social media, even for SEO, and another useful feature that will help you to put a live chat feature on your website.

Getresponse says that its users send 109 million emails every single day, which is a huge number to talk about, which also proves that Getresponse is a reliable service for sending out emails as well.

GetResponse offers a plan to its users which will let them have up to 500 contacts, for those who want to have more capacity, they can upgrade to a premium plan which starts from 15 dollars.

Overall Getresponse is a pretty good email marketing software with a huge customer base and advanced features such as building funnels which are rarely provided by other email marketing services.


When starting out email marketing, a lot of people get confused between choosing an email marketing software, or some people even find it hard o find a good one.

Choosing email marketing software can be hard especially when there is so much competition in the email marketing niche and there are a lot of them available.

That is why in this article I provided you with a lot of different email marketing software which is not only good but can also be the best choice that you can make each for its own separate purpose.

A lot of email marketing software that I mentioned has a free plan, so it can also be great for those looking for a free way to start out email marketing.

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