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The 15 best tools for doing affiliate marketing

When you have started affiliate marketing, you have a lot of work to do, by this I mean a lot of work to do, especially when you are promoting a lot of different affiliate products, your work increases even more and sometimes even for simple tasks that anyone can do, but since they are a part of your journey you have to them as well which wastes your time, so I am going to mention tools which can not only help you and improve your affiliate marketing but also save your time.

such tools are not only limited to saving your time but will also provide you a hand in defeating your competitors, which without these tools will not be easy as the competition is increasing drastically every single day in digital marketing, and affiliate marketing is no different.

Even if you do not find all the tools that I present attractive and good enough to help you, there will still be certain tools that will be there that you would like to use for your affiliate marketing, So read till the end.


When it comes to SEO, if you would have asked someone to provide you with the name of the best SEO tool some years ago, they would have said Semrush or Ahrefs, but now if you ask someone the same question, there is a great possibility that he will say the name Ubbersuggest which is another SEO tool but with differences that other.

With ubbersuggest, you can do keyword research, for any keyword that you mention it will provide you with how many backlinks you will need to rank, which sites are already ranking for that website and it will also provide you with keywords that are really easy to rank and are also related to the main keyword that you entered.

As most of the tools which are provided on Ubbersuggest by Neil Patel are related to SEO, this does not mean that Ubbersuggest does not have other tools, Ubbersuggest provides you with other tools as well such as to find topic ideas to create content for.

You will just need to put in the keyword related to the type of content that you want to create, and then Ubbersuggest will provide you with a list of topic ideas that will be related to the keyword that you mentioned in the search bar.

Other than that, you also get tools to look at how much traffic your competitors are getting from search engine rankings, for which keywords they are ranking, for how many keywords they are ranking, who is linking to them, and also how much effort it will take you to outrank your competitors.

Not only that but Ubbersuggest also provides keyword data for every single country, for example, if you do not want keyword data on average of the whole world and only want to see the keyword data of the united states, it will show you that.

most importantly, Ubbersuggest is free. You can use Ubbersuggest to do a limited amount of research every single day without paying a single dollar and not even making an account, however, it is better if you make an account.

And if the free plan is not enough for you and you want to upgrade to premium plans, here Ubberstill shines again because usually, SEO tools have a traditional price range of starting from 100$ but it is not the case with ubbersuggest, you can buy its premium plans for just 30 dollars.

As you already know, the traffic which comes from search engines has a higher conversion rate than social media traffic, and even SEO traffic beats paid ad traffic of Google and Facebook ads.

So by using Ubbersuggest, you can improve your ranking and get quality SEO traffic to your affiliate products.

Yoast SEO

With affiliate marketing, it is obvious that you will have a website on which you will be posting content, and if that website is made by WordPress, then this tool is for you.

Yoast SEO is a plug-in that you can add to your WordPress site for free and with just two or more clicks.

Yoast SEO analyzes your content and marks the mistakes that you are making which cannot only be bad for the search engines’ ranking of your website but also the mistakes which can ruin the experience of the visitors who come to your website and read your content.

As I have mentioned, Yoast SEO is a free plug-in and you do not need to pay to use its features but there is also a premium version of it that if you think will be useful for you you can buy as well but I have seen in my experience that most of the people are happy by using the free version of the tool.

Even on this website, Yoast SEO is being used and it was the first plugin that I added to this WordPress website.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is an online service provided by Google itself as you have seen in its name which provides analytic data to website owners for free, without any cost, and unlike other software, it does not ask you to buy a premium version for more deep features, it just provides them for free as well.

Analyzing a website, its traffic, and how the traffic behaves after visiting the website is as important as getting traffic to a website.

Google Analytics provides very different types of data of website traffic like the countries they are coming from, from which you can take an idea that certain countries work better for your marketing while certain do not, and then you can fix your marketing and get traffic from those countries as well which previously did not provide you much traffic.

Other than normal traffic data such as the number of users who visited the website and how much time they spent on the website, Google Analytics also tells you from which s sources they are coming from, whether they are coming from Facebook or they are coming from from LinkedIn.

by using Google analytics, not only can you see what’s happening with the traffic of your website but also improve the user experience, which will increase the conversion rate.

Adding google analytics to your website also does not take a lot of effort and time as it is really simple, you just have to log in to google analytics, make your account, and then make a property in which you will enter the URL of your website, and if you are using WordPress, then it is even simpler as you can just directly connect your WordPress site with google analytics.


H-Supertools is an online website that provides a lot of different tools for digital marketers, which can also be useful for affiliate marketers as well.

One of my favorite features of H-Supertools is that it shows a lot of different affiliate programs for different niches with their cookie life and commissions mentioned as well, this means that if you are worried about joining affiliate programs or you are not able to find good affiliate programs, you can just go to H-Supertools and use its find affiliate program tool.

If you are involved in doing affiliate marketing on Instagram, you can also use the H-SUPERTOOLSs hashtag generator for Instagram which will help you to find the correct hashtags that you can use in your posts to make your marketing more effective.

With H-Supertools, you can also do research for youtube a well like to find keywords and topics as well.

Email marketing is another source that is really effective for doing affiliate marketing and H-super tools are not left behind for providing tools for email marketing as there are a lot of tools for email marketing as well such as email validation tool that you can use to validate the emails before you send emails and promote your affiliate products to those emails.

Just like the other tools that I mentioned, H-Supertools is also completely free and you can use it without worrying about monthly payments. It is a great tool for beginners who struggle to find free tools for their affiliate marketing.


As time is passing, people are getting more and more attracted to infographics and visual representations of products than representing the products in text.

With Canva, you can use do that by creating infographics, and also you can use them to visually represent your affiliate products which will attract a larger audience and hence you will get more chances of having sales.

Canva is also really easy and simple to use which means that you do not need to be an expert if you want to create infographics with Canva or other visual representations, even when I was first trying Cava, I was fearing that I might not be able to create good infographics with Canva since I do not have experience but the interface of Canva is totally beginner-friendly.

It will provide you with hundreds of templates and pre-made graphics in which you can enter data and also add elements as well.

Canva is free, and you can use it without the need to purchase premium plans there is also a great chance that you won’t have any problems with the free version but sometimes, some premade elements and premade templates come in the premium, and if you want to use these templates and still do not want to pay, you can do it but then there will be a watermark of Canva on the info graph or the image that you make.


MailChimp is an online tool used for managing and running email campaigns or simply it is an email marketing tool.

Since Email marketing is used heavily in affiliate marketing due to its amazing stats such as its conversion rate and its CTR, there is a great chance that you might also be interested in Email marketing.

If so, then Mailchimp should be your first option when you’re looking for software for your email marketing, and I am not saying that for nothing, have reasons to support this.

The first reason to support this is that Mailchimp is a free tool, it has a free plan that you can use to manage your email list and your email compaigns.

The second reason to choose Mailchimp is if we compare it to other free email marketing services such as Sendinblue, it offers more contacts to store as well features or making a landing page that you do not get with Sendinblue for free.

Also, Mailchimp has a customer base of more than one million which is also a sign that Mailchimp is reliable.

and if the free plan of Mailchimp is not enough, you can also buy its premium plans which will provide you with other more advanced features as well such as Automate responses, and managing social media ads just to name a few.


Leadpages is an online tool that you can use for making high-converting landing pages.

Many people put all their focus on getting traffic to the affiliate products and not focus on the other end which is to convert that traffic into customers.

Just focusing on getting traffic can end in bad results because you might succeed in getting traffic on which you’re focusing but what if you are not able to convert that traffic, since the main purpose of getting traffic is to get sales and if you cant get sales, is there ay purpose of getting traffic then? I do not think so.

This is why it is also important to equally focus or focus even more on conversation rate than getting traffic.

And to increase the conversion rate, you will need to make landing pages with a high conversion rate which you can do with lead pages.

Not only does Leadpages provide a solution to those who do not know to code and want to make high-converting landing pages but it also provides its users with data on which types of landing pages work better for CRO, and conversion rate optimization.

IT provides its users with templates that have been tested and approved for high converting landing pages, this way you can use those templates, and from the beginning, you would get a high conversion rate.

It also has a/b testing features which will help you to increase your conversion even more by comparing two different elements and then seeing which one works better.

Facebook ad library

Running ads on Facebook is one thing but getting results from those ads and ending your ad campaigns is a whole other thing and the difference between these two things is huge.

But what if I tell you that you can use a free tool provided by Facebook itself to see all the ads currently running on Facebook and not only see them but also know which ones are performing better than others?

Yes, it is true, Facebook ad library is a tool that Facebook provides to its advertisers so they can see which ads are working effectively and which are not performing the best.

Using the Facebook ad library, you can just directly spy on your competitors and see what type of ads they are running, if their ads are effective, you can also create the same ads and then run them and you will also have a great chance of getting closer to the results that your competitor is getting and hence even a chance of beating your competition.

With this, you can increase sales of your affiliate products by running Facebook ads which are already providing results, as you can see in the data from the Facebook ad library.


Let’s say that you are running the ads which according to you will prove to be the most effective, your ad campaign ends but how will you know that your ad campaign was effective and it provided you with the same results or better results as you thought that it will be?

You can do that by using Voluum which is specifically made by keeping affiliate marketers in mind so it can provide the best data to affiliate marketers who run ads and provide them the best and most detailed data so that they can analyze their ad campaigns, see how much of good results did they got and what they can do to improve their results.

Voluum is also compatible will all types of ads whether the ads that you are running for your affiliate products are display ads, whether they are video ads, whether they are search ads, social media ads, or email marketing ads it does not matter, it will work with all of them and provide you the data that you need to see the success rate of your campaign and to improve your campaigns in future.

Voluum does not have a free plan, it starts from 90$ which to some might seem a lot but it is definitely worth it because the results that you can get with it can easily cover those 90$ that you will be paying to use it.


You must have faced that time when you needed to use a picture for your affiliate marketing but you were not able to find one which was not copyrighted.

Well, now you will not find them as by using Pixabay, you can use hundreds of copyright-free pictures for your affiliate marketing purposes and for free.

Pixabay is not your only choice here, there are a lot of toter online platforms as well which also provide quality copyright-free pictures for different niches such as Pexel, shutter stock, etc and all of these platforms are for free.

Even though you can find a lot of pictures for free, there are also premium plans on this platform that will provide you with even more quality copyright-free pictures.

By using these platforms, you will be able visually to enhance your affiliate marketing, attract more people, and have a chance of getting more conversions on your affiliate products.


When you are doing affiliate marketing through blogging, it is obvious that you would be using a lot of links for different websites but what if you need to change a link that you are previously showing on your website, what if your affiliate link has changed, will you now go to all the previous blogs where you mentioned the link and manually change every single link?

will you seriously go and search each link for hours, and edit each post? isn’t it like hitting your head on the wall like Augustus Ceaser of the Roman empire

Just joking, you will not need to do that, you can simply use Prettylinks which is a WordPress Plugin with which you can create a new short link by putting your main link. So, you can use that new short link which will be clean and more simple, and obviously short.

And when you will need to change the link you can just go back to the plug in, for the short link that is created, you can just remove your main old link which was behind the short link, and add a new one, and boom all your links are changed in all your blogs in which you used the main old link as a short link.

Prettylinks is an awesome tool that can help you in managing all of your website links including the affiliate links but it is not for free, Prettylinks do not offer a free plan, so you will need to pay o use its awesome features.


We all know how useful email marketing can be, but the main difficulty in email marketing is to collect an email list and which is also the heart of email marketing because it will be the email list to which your entire email marketing will revolve around, so you can understand how important an email list can be.

But how do you make an email list? by using pop up sign up form, but then how do you create pop-up sign-up forms on your website and also be able to customize them for better conversions of leads? The answer is simple using Hellobar.

Hellobar is an online tool that is very effective for collecting emails, it offers various different types of pop-ups, you can make pop-ups that appear when a user exits your website, create pop-ups on the header of your website, on the sidebar of your website, wherever you want and also customize the way that your pop up appears on the screen of your visitors.

Hellobar is a free tool as it offers a free plan, it also has premium plans for those wanting to have access to even more advanced features, you can buy those as well but for beginners, I think that a free plan will be enough.

Subscribers – for push notifications

Let’s say that in the first month your website gets 10000 visitors, now tell me how much do you think those 10,000 will visit your website again by themselves?

not much, only a small part of those 10,000 visitors will come back to your website this means that those other visits will be wasted but how do you capitalize on those visitors?

By using the push notifications subscribe button on your website, you can increase the number of visitors who come back o your website which will not only increase the traffic of your website but also the conversion rate because the visitors that will come back to your website will be much more familiar with your website and with you than the ones which will be coming to your website for the first time.

To put a subscribe button for push notifications on your website, you can use Subscribers which is an online tool that helps users in putting push notifications on their website.

Subscribers have a free plan which will be enough for those who are just starting out and for those who already have a large traffic to their website, they can also buy its premium version as well.

If you face problems with Subscribers, you can also use the online software for putting the push notification subscribe button on your website such as Onesignal is another very popular and effective tool for doing that and it also has a free plan as well that you can check out.


Social media marketing is an essential part of doing affiliate marketing due to its huge user base and also how effective it can be for growing your brand name and also for converting the target audience into customers.

But the problem is that managing each social media platform separately such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc can be very time-consuming and exhausting sometimes you wish that there was another way for doing this and luckily there is a tool that can do this for you.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that you can use to manage all of your social media accounts where you can plan your posts, and manage your profiles.

Using a tool like Hootsuite will save you a lot of time that would have been otherwise been wasted on doing work inefficiently such as posting the same post on different social media platforms separately.

Hootsuite has a free plan as well for beginners who only have to do simple things on social media, but as you will grow on social media you will need to purchase the premium plans and the free plan will no longer be enough for you.

If you want an alternative to Hootsuite, you can use Buffer as well which is another popular and really good social media management tool that provides all the basic features that Hootsuite does but differences can be found between the two for higher plans.

Jasper – AI content writer

Writing content can be hard, time-consuming, exhausting, and sometimes even boring because it is not just about typing, it is about finding the written information, then giving that research that you have made an organizable form, adding subheadings, and doing that can take hours and hours just to write a simple quality article.

But how do you reduce that time? how do you get your articles ready with quality and with the right information without paying hundreds of dollars for a single article to professional article writers and bloggers?

Jasper is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to gather data from the internet about any topic that you ask it for and then it uses the data that is collected to write content for you.

Even though you cannot write a full-on 3000-word quality article with Jasper because obviously AI right now cannot match that quality for that amount of words but you can definitely use it to make content for several parts of your website, for example, you can write the introduction and the conclusion of your article with Jasper, you can also explain other subheadings of your website with Jasper and a large part of your article will be ready without you even trying.

Jasper also comes with various plans, for its professional plan, it costs about 100 dollars to write about 100k words which if we compare with bloggers on freelancer websites is way cheaper, for example, an average blogger costs 100 dollars to write 1000-1500 words article but here you are getting 1000 words for 1 dollar.


Affiliate marketing is a great online business, especially for those who are just starting out, do not want to invest a lot, and just want to start the right way but at the same time, there are various tasks that you will need to do in order to make your affiliate marketing more effective and successful.

Such tasks often take a lot of time which could have been used in doing other more important things, and thankfully there are a lot of useful tools on the internet that you can use to do such tasks which will save you hours of time every single day.

I have mentioned several tools in this article that can save your time and do the work for you, most of the tools that I mentioned come with a free plan but you can purchase their premium plans as well, it depends on you if you really need those more advanced features.

Here is also a short list of all of those tools that I mentioned that you can get by clicking here.

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