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Best tools for making landing pages

Landing pages can be considered the most important factor of a digital marketing campaign or at least one of the most important factors as it is these landing pages that will decide the number of sales you can get and therefore the revenue of your business as well.

It does not matter where you get the traffic from, whether you are getting quality traffic from SEO which has potential customers, whether you get the traffic from email marketing known for high conversion rate or whether you utilize social media marketing unless you do not have a good landing page, you will not be able to get sales.

A landing page is not only a page where the user will land after clicking on the link, in fact, but it will also act as your next step of converting the visitors into customers as it will be the landing page that will be responsible for convincing the visitors to buy the product and if they are already interested, it will show them the route into buying your product.

But the main problem that comes with building the landing pages is building them which will take a huge part of your time.

For building a landing page that can convert visitors well, you mainly have 2 options if we forget about landing page builders.

Why you should use landing page builders

The first option is that you first learn coding, which in itself is a very complex task even more complex than building a high converting landing page, or if you already know, then coding a landing page that can have a good conversion rate.

Well, Even after you have made your landing page by coding it by yourself, still you are not still finished yet, you will need to do a lot of tests and see whether the landing pages work in all types of situations which takes even more time, and then it is obvious that you will find a lot of coding mistakes and other technicals ones in your landing page, which you will need to fix which simply means as you have guessed more time.

And still, you are not finished, because you still do not know how well the landing page that you have created will convert the users, and if the conversion rate is still low, then you will need to do a/b testing, you will need to edit code which will again and again take time.

So, clearly, the first option is very time-consuming, exhausting and you would want to stay away from it even if you know to code because still, you will not have that amount of time to build landing pages as you will need to focus on the other aspects of digital marketing as well, so you cant do it all together.

The second option is a little bit better than the first one and that is that you can hire web developers, present them your idea of an ideal landing page and they will build the landing page for you, do all the tests and your landing page will be ready, but is it that simple? Yes but actually no.

The reason I said no is that hiring web developers sometimes takes some time finding the correct web developer for your project, and the other thing is that after you have found one and are ready to hire, you will need to figure out how much money you will be giving out to him which is not little.

Web developers are expensive, taking hundreds of dollars for a single day, and yet landing pages are hardly done in a day especially the ones which are more complex for better conversions in the backend.

So now the question is there a solution to these problems which does not take as much time and effort in creating a landing page as it takes when creating a landing page by yourself, and also is not as expensive as hiring a web developer?

Yes, there is and that is where landing pages come into play.

Landing pages will save you a huge amount of time that otherwise you will be wasting when creating by yourself, they will also reduce the efforts that it would have taken you to build a landing page by providing you with all tools which can automatically do the work for you, for example, Landing page builders will give you ready-made templates and then you can customize those templates by using the various edit tools that builder gives you.

Landing pages also solve the other problem of the cost of landing pages because if we compare their prices with the prices of hiring a web developer, they are much lower because you can buy a landing page builder with which you can build unlimited landing pages for a month for 50 dollars when compared to hundreds of dollars or sometimes even thousands for just a single landing page made by web developers.

Another thing that landing page builders provide is the data that they have collected from other users so that you can get the best conversion rate.


When talking about the best landing pages in the market, the name that in comes in a lot of people is often Leadpages and that is for some reason.

Leadpages is considered to be one of the best if not the best for selling digital products, whether they are digital services or they are digital products such as an online course that required money to get access to, of it, is any other digital product such as an Ebook or you just do not want to sell anything and want to collect leads of your visitors and later want to convert them into customers.

Leadpages offer more than 40 integrations that you can use to utilize Leadpages more effectively, it will provide you with all the analytical data of your landing page with which you can see and track your visitors, conversion rate, and much more and improve your landing page.

With lead pages, you are not limited to any amount of landing pages that you can create with your plan, you can create as many landing pages as you want which is very useful if you want to create landing pages for different purposes, for example, you might want to create separate landing pages for collecting emails, for selling your products or simple y you just want to create multiple landing pages for your different landing pages.

Leadpages start from 37$ a month which is a very competitive price point if we compare it to other landing page builders that I am going to mention later in this article.

Leadpages also offer unlimited a/b testing with which you will be able to test different aspects of your landing page and improve your conversion rate even more than it is before.

For example, you might be confused with using a different design of your landing page or simply, you might be confused between two colors for your landing page and you cannot decide which one you should choose, for this you can do ab testing and you will see that which colors performs better and then that color.

So, a/b testing refers to testing two different aspects of a landing page and then finding out which aspect worked better than the other.

Do not worry about whether the landing page that you will create with lead pages will be optimized for other devices, all the landing pages that you will create with leadpages will be optimized for mobile as well.

Another thing that I really like about Leadpages is that it will provide you with more than 200 templates made professionally but it does end here, the templates that will be presented to you will be according to how good their conversion is, for example, the template with the highest conversion rate will be on the topo, and then you can test others and the conversion rate will vary, Ledppages uses its data to decide which templates work better for converting as other users have tested those templates before.

With this, you can just directly have a good conversion rate for your landing page and will not put in a lot of time doing a/b testing and finding out what increases the conversion rate.

Swipe Pages

If you do not want to spend a huge amount of money on landing page builders and want to buy a landing page builder which does not cost too much, is lower than others, and also can build good landing pages, you can take a look at Swipe.

You can hardly find another landing page builder which can cost lower than Swipe Pages while also providing the same features as Swipe pages, that’s because Swipe pages start at 30$ a month, an uncommon price for landing page builders.

With swipe pages, the pages that you will create will also e really fast, which in itself is a feature that alone can increase the conversion rate of your website because it has been noticed that the time that it takes for loading page to load up, can determine the conversion rate of that landing page as a second delay can cost you to lose a lot of customers.

But when building a landing page with Swipe pages, you do not need to worry about the speed of your landing page as it has been proven to be really good and will not cost you to lose customers.

Another thing that makes Swipe pages unique and also separates Swipe pages from other Landing page builders is the feeling that it will give to your landing page and the visitors who will land on your landing page.

Swipe pages will give an app-like feel to your landing page which enhances the User experience of the landing page, increasing the conversion rate and everything seems so smooth just like an app.

One thing that you will need to compromise with Swipe, pages is that the landing page that you will create with swipe pages will only be able to handle 20000 traffic per month, which can be a problem for those who get more than 20,000 traffic.

To get the feature of unlimited traffic, you will need to buy its top plans which is 4 times more than the basic plan, and this is what with Leadpages you get with the basic plan.

But other than that, for its price, Swipe pages is a great choice for those who want a reliable landing page builder.

With Swipe pages, you can also interrogate Google analytics which will provide you with analytic data for the landing page that you created with swipe pages just like it does with any website.

Swipe pages also provide a/b testing features just like other landing page builders and with its a/b testing, you can even test more than 2 aspects at the same time for your landing page which is one efficient way of doing a/b testing.


So, all the landing pages that I have mentioned had all the basic features that any small business will need to create an effective landing page but what if you are a big business, and you want to create a landing page with a lot of different complex options which are not possible with other landing pages? well, then Unbounce can be a good choice for you.

Unbounce is one of the oldest landing page builders and with its experience, it has learned a lot of things and improved its software, adding many different advanced options which can be very useful for big business.

Unbounce also gives its users a hand with the help of AI which can help them in making more effective landing pages according to the needs of the users.

Unbounce also offers some features which are not found often with other Landing page builders such as its Smart traffic feature.

With the Smart traffic feature, once your landing has got more than 50 visits, then Unbounce will observe all of those visits, and then it will decide to which landing page will those visitors will be directed for the best conversion rate.

This means that you can create different variants of your landing page, and then Unbounce will utilize those different variants of the landing page to get the ideal conversion rate by sending different visitors to different landing pages.

The advanced features that you get most of which are only specific to Unbounce do not come without any downsides, the first and the most obvious downside are its price which starts from 90 dollars, the most expensive out of all the landing page builders that I have mentioned in this article.

The other downside is that utilizing Unbounce is not easy, due to its advanced features, Its user experience is not perfect for beginners, it will take them some time to get used to the user interface of Unbounce and to utilize all the features properly but it is worth the time learning the tool.

But other than these two downsides, Unbounce is a great landing page builder giving advanced options to build landing pages that would not have been possible with other landing page builders.


What if you do not want to spend a lot of money on landing page builders and just want to build simple landing pages with good conversion rates for capturing leads?

Well then Convertkit is for you, it offers a free plan in which it will let you build landing pages for free without any cost, and you can use its amazing tools to build landing pages for capturing leads.

It will offer you more than 50 templates, from which you can choose the one which you think will be the best for your landing page, you can even add other elements on your landing page to improve the conversion rate even more such as adding a countdown timer, and other such elements.

Even though, Convertkit does offer a landing page builder in its free plan, buying its premium plan will open even more options and amazing features for you, so if you want to add some more customization to your landing page to give it a more personalized touch, you might want to purchase its premium plan as well, but the free plan also works well for beginners.

The landing page builder of Convertkit is also easy to use, which means that even beginners can build landing pages with it easily without having the need to learn the different options first.

Another feature that is important to mention about the landing page builder of Convertkit is that all the landing pages are responsive which means that the landing pages that you will create by using the landing page builder of Convertkit will be able to automatically adjust their ratio according to the device on which they are running, so it will be already optimized for other devices such as mobile and tablets.


Clickfunnels is another higher-end landing page builder just like Unbounce but unlike other landing page builders that I have mentioned in this article, Clickfunnels also focuses on other aspects of digital marketing other than building landing pages such as building funnels.

Other than having the ability to build highly customizable landing pages, you can also add features simply such as one-click upsells which are also a key n increasing eh revenue that you can generate per customer.

Clickfunnels already has more than 100k users which are constantly using Clickfunnels to build landing pages and click funnels and are satisfied by the service of Clcickfunnels which gives proof that Clcifkfunnels is good at doing what it says that it can do.

The downside of Clickunnels is once again its price, starting out at 97$ da month which if we compare with other landing pages builder such as Leadpages which also provides advance options is a lot, however with the base plan, you get a chance to build up to 100 landing pages which obviously you will not be able to because even if you build 2 landing pages every day, you will not still be able to count on those 100 landing pages every month.


If you do not have a good landing page, no matter how much traffic you can get, or how many targetted ads you run, they will all be not worth it since you will not be able to convert that targetted traffic into customers, which will also lower down the revenue that you can generate.

Building landing pages can be a complex and difficult thing if you do not know about landing pages builder because you either have to build them by yourself if you know coding which still is not an easy thing to do because building a landing page is not only limited to just coding that landing page, you need to do a lot of things after building that page such as to test and to fix any technical errors which were left out during the development phase of building the landing page.

The other option is to hire Web developers to make highly engaging landing pages for you which can take up to thousands of dollars to build since the salaries of web developers are really high.

And at the end, you are only left out with landing page builders which are simple, and easy to use and you can also ake highly engaging Landing page builders with them, but since there are a lot of landing page builders in the market, you might have a difficult time choosing the one which will be right for you, and that is why, above I have mentioned 5 of the best landing page builders in the market in all price ranges, the ones which are the best for small to medium business up to the ones which are made for larger business and even which are free and can be a good choice for beginners.

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