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Best tools for building an email list

Everybody wants to do email marketing, everybody wants to have their own email list which they will be using for email marketing, who does not want to have a source of direct communication with their audience and sell them products through it?

The problem is not whether someone likes or does not like building an email list and doing email marketing, the problem is doing email marketing, and building an email list which is the backbone of an email marketing strategy as it does not matter how good of an email marketing strategy you have prepared, it will be useless unless and until you have built up an email list and not just any email list, an email list which compromises of very targetted email addresses.

Let’s say that you have all the knowledge about an email list, you know how to build it, and you have a plan in your mind that you will work on in order to build that email list but then you do not have sufficient tools to execute the strategy that you have in your mind to build an email list.

Then do not worry, as in this article I will be mentioning some of the best tools for collecting emails and making an email list which you can use to execute and work on your strategy for list building.


From where will most of your emails come that you will be collecting? There is a great chance that you will need to use a landing page in order to make the larger part of your email list.

Making a landing page is not simple, it includes various steps and various tests that also take a lot of your precious time.

Not only is building landing pages difficult but then having a good conversion rate, so that the landing page can the full advantage of the visitors who visit it by collecting their email and not wasting any of the traffic is another pain in the head.

Luckily, there are landing page builders that you can use to build landing pages but then you will also need to spend time finding the one which will be better than the others and also will be able to fulfill your needs.

Leadpages provides you the solution to this problem, as not only it is a good landing page and defeats its competitors when it comes to providing value but it is also a good landing page builder when it comes to optimizing the conversion rate of a landing page as well fulfilling your other needs.

So when you are building a landing page to collect emails, Leadpages should be your first option for building your landing page if you really want to build a landing page in a short amount of time, easily, and also with a good conversion rate.

Facebook groups

A lot of people take social media marketing as a rival and as competition to email marketing and see it as a threat to email marketing, well that might be true to some extent but you can actually use your social media following to make up your email list and do email marketing most effectively.

The platform which comes to everybody’s mind when someone talks about social media marketing is Facebook and You can use it as a tool for building an email list.

On Facebook, there are a lot of different features that you can use for marketing the most common ones being joining, making Facebook groups, and making your own Facebook business page.

With Facebook groups, you can either make them public or you can make them private, and only certain members will be able to join whose request you accept.

With a public group, you will only be able o get a huge number of members in your group and nothing more than that but if you make a private group, you can actually use that as a tool to grow your email list.

In the application that users will need to fill in order to send you a request to join the group, you can ask for their emails, in this way all the requests that you will receive will come with an email with which you can grow your email list.

This is actually a really smart way of using Facebook as a tool for building an email list which is not used very often but is worth it.


What is the most common method for collecting emails? Well if you ask me I will say it is by putting pop-up sign forms on your website to collect leads.

Almost every email marketer who has a website use pop-ups on his website for collecting emails and for improving his email marketing strategies.

Pop up sign up forms in themselves are really simple as by their name, they will simply just pop up on the screen of your visitors’ screen and will ask them to put in their email for anything in return such as a course or just simply to receive more interesting content in their inbox.

But what is not simple is finding and using tools to build your pop-up form on your website.

Hellobar can be a great solution for you as it will let you build a pop-up form in the easiest way you can think of, you just need to choose from the ready-made templates for your sign-up form, if you want to customize the template, you can also do it very easily.

With Hellobar, Not only is the customization of the pop-up form made easy but also the way the pop-up appears on your website, whether it will be a sticky sign-up form that will stay on the top, side, or bottom of your website all the time or whether it is a pop-up form appearing from below, from the top or will just simply appear in the center of your website, you can all change just with the click of a button.

Not only that but Hellobar also has a free plan, and in that free plan, you still get a lot of features for editing and customizing your pop-up form so that you can drive the best results by collecting the most amount of emails.


No matter which type of method or strategy you are using to collect email lists, in most of those email list-building strategies, you will need to use a lead magnet.

If you do not know what a lead magnet is, then a lead magnet is something valuable that you will be giving to your targetted audience for free in return for their email.

In simple terms, you will be trading something in order to gain another person’s email.

If building an email list is not a simple thing and can be a headache for beginners, then making a lead magnet that can be valuable and also easy to build is also not a simple thing and this can also become a factor where beginners can struggle.

Common lead magnets such as offering a course or an ebook for free take a lot of time and even then you need to see whether they will be valuable to your target audience or not.

What if I tell you that there is a way through which you can make a lead magnet in some minutes which will be much more valuable than a course or an ebook and will also help you build a way bigger email list than you would have been able to build with an ebook or a course as a lead magnet.

Yes, you can and that is by proving free digital marketing tools as a lead magnet and then collecting lists through it.

A free digital marketing tool can prove to be much more valuable than an ebook or a course, and also it can be used by a wider audience than an ebook or a course.

But you might say that how will you build these tools if you do not know to code or cannot hire a web developer? simply by using Codecanyon.

Codecanyon is a website where there are hundreds and thousands of digital marketing tools in the form of PHP scripts that you can buy and then host as your own website, then for your whole life, you will be able to use those tools as your own website and can also use them as a lead magnet and collect leads through them.

Another thing that is really great about Codecanyon is that most of the good PHP scripts are just between 20-50$.

This whole process of buying a PHP script, and then hosting it on a server and using it as a lead magnet just takes some minutes and then you can use it for your whole life.


Publishing surveys and asking questions to your website visitors is another great method for collecting a very targeted email list.

By asking questions and getting your website visitors engaged in a survey, you can get their attention, and their interest and can have a great chance of converting them into your email subscriber.

But how can you place these surveys and questions on your website?

You can build those surveys and questions by using Survey anyplace which is software built for website owners to place surveys and questions on their websites.

Another great feature that Survey anyplace provides to its users is that most of the popular email marketing services can be directly integrated and connected with Survey anyplace which will make list building even easier since the email that you will collect will directly go into your Email marketing management software.


What gets people more engaged and interested than playing games?

The answer that will be given by most people will be nothing since games are the thing which gets the most interest of people and no one does not want to play games, especially those which can win them prizes.

Why do not you also add these games to your website and use them as a way of collecting emails?

If you are confused then do not worry, but first, let’s talk about what type of game am I talking about.

I am talking about spinning wheels, the wheel which people will be able to spin on your website, the wheel will have a lot of different prizes that they will be able to win, some will be more valuable than others.

To spin that wheel and then win the prizes, your website visitors will need to enter their email first and that is how you will be able to build your email list.

But how do you put such a game on your website? do not worry it is very simple.

By using tools such as Privy, you will be able to easily add those spinning wheels to your website and also customize the wheel such as adding your custom prizes, etc.

However, make sure that the prizes that you add to your wheel are valuable enough to attract the attention of your website visitors.

Since you will need to add a lot of different options that will be winnable in your spinning wheel, try to make most of those options great prizes, generally, you can add ebooks or free courses on different topics in that wheel.


Email marketing is great but it does not mean that it will not take great efforts from you to do email marketing which will provide you with great results.

One of the biggest struggles that people face when starting out in email marketing is having an email list, they will need strategies, and those who have plans in their minds still lack the tools they will need to execute those strategies for list building.

That is why in this article I mentioned some of the best tools that you can use for building an email list.

From using tools as a lead magnet for building an email list to letting your website visitors play games on your website and then collecting their emails, I have mentioned all the tools that you will need to execute this type of strategy.

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