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Best affiliate programs for beginners.

In affiliate marketing, we have to consider a lot of factors in order to succeed in it and affiliate programs are one of those factors which can have a hugely positive effect if done correctly on the revenue that you generate and it can also have a negative effect on your earnings if you make mistake choosing it.

Since there are a lot of affiliate programs in the market, you might be confused about which one to choose, that is why I will help you in choosing the best affiliate program for you.

in this article, I will mention the best affiliate products in almost all popular niches.

Best affiliate networks

The reason I started out with affiliate networks is that in affiliate networks, there are hundreds and thousands of affiliate products that you can choose from, so even if you have a narrow niche, you can still find a lot of good affiliate products in your niche from these affiliate networks.

but before we start out, let’s talk about what an affiliate network is?

An affiliate network is a network that connects two types of people, one who has an audience and has an influence on them such as bloggers and influencers and other content creators, and one who has a product and wants someone to promote their product.

So, I hope that you now understand what an affiliate network is, you will be a publisher who will be looking to promote an affiliate product and the product will be provided to you by the affiliate network by connecting you with other people who want their products to be promoted.


Shareasale is one of the largest and also one of the most popular affiliate networks out there and it is not for nothing.

Shareasale offers more than 4500 affiliate products which are suitable to promote both for people who have a small audience and also for those who have a large audience.

This means that whether you have a small to no audience, or whether you have already a large audience, you do not need to worry as Shareasale will offer you all types of affiliate products.

  • The commission rate is not fixed as it will depend on the affiliate product that you choose but normally, you will be able to find affiliate products with up to a 20% commission rate.

CJ affiliate

Cj affiliate is another big affiliate network that has been playing in the affiliate marketing niche for a long time now.

CJ affiliate has more than 4000 brands that you can choose from, also the top products that you will see on CJ affiliate will be according to their conversion rate which will make it even easier for you to choose an affiliate product without worrying about the number of sales that you can make by promoting it.

Getting approved and becoming an affiliate on CJ affiliate is not that hard as you will be accepted pretty fast as long as you fill their criteria though, the main problem comes when choosing the affiliate product because then, you will need to apply to become an affiliate for every affiliate product that you want to promote.

It is not that big of a problem, but keep in mind that you will get approved separately by the product owner.

  • The commission rate like other affiliate networks is not fixed and it will again depend on the affiliate product.


Clickbank can be an ideal affiliate network for beginners it has hundreds of products to choose from.

Clickbank has hundreds of high-quality products which can be a good choice for anyone looking for a decent product to promote though you will still need to be a little more careful while choosing products as you can also sometimes choose products that are not high-quality.

Clickbank is unfortunately not available in all the countries, so there is a chance that you might not be able to apply for Clickbank if it is not available in your country.

  • Like other affiliate networks, the commission rate is not fixed, though you can find some products with crazy high affiliate commissions such as more than 80%. Usually, such products are not seen often.

Best affiliate products in digital marketing

So now as we have already discussed affiliate networks in detail, it is now the time to talk about affiliate products that are only based on one product and also have a fixed commission most of the time depending on the sale.


Leadpages is a website that is used to make effective and high-converting landing pages to get more leads and sales.

Currently, there are more than 40,000 customers who use Leadpages to make landing pages and do other tests such as a/b testing.

  • Leadpages offer up to 50% commission which is not common with products that are as good as leaders.


Clickfunnels is software used for making amazing landing pages and sales funnels.

Clickfunnels has a really good record from both sides, the affiliate side as well as from the customer side. Right now, Clickfunnels has more than 100,000 customers paying them every month.

Clickfunnels also pays millions of dollars to its affiliates which means that Clickfunnels has already been proven as a great affiliate product to promote.

  • Upto 40% recurring commission.
  • Tools for promoting Clickfunnels.


Kartra is a website that offers a lot of tools to not only make landing pages but it can also run your online business as well.

A wide number of tools, also makes it easier to promote Kartra since Kartra can be promoted to a wider audience rather than to a specific audience.

  • The commission rate is fixed at 40%.
  • You can also make money by promoting it to other affiliates as you will make 10% of what those affiliates will make. is an all-in-one marketing tool that offers a wide variety of tools, from email marketing to making sales funnels. is not an old service, it was launched back in 2018 but do not make a mistake by thinking that is not a big platform since it was launched a few years ago, has seen tremendous growth in the past years and a big reason for that is its affiliates.

It has put a lot of work into its affiliate program. Another advantage that you will have with is that you will get instant approval which means that you will not need to get verified to get an affiliate link, just make an affiliate account and start promoting.

  • offers a 40% recurring commission for a lifetime.
  • also offers really good tracking which means that you will not be losing any sales.

Best affiliate products for website creation


Wix is a popular online platform used for creating websites by everyday normal customers.

Wix was launched in 2006 so it means that Wix has been in this field for a long and they have also been proven reliable.

Wix also offers an affiliate program that you can join if you want to earn by promoting it.

  • You will get 100$+ on every sale that you make on Wix

Best affilaite protducs for web hosting


Hostinger is commonly known for the performance that it gives at those small prices which seems to good to be true but it has been proved that Hostinger really does provide good website speeds at such a low cost.

Hostinger will also provide you with marketing banners that you can use to promote their product more easily.

  • as minimum as 60% commission per confirmed sale.


Siteground is another web hosting service that provides hosting services.

They are known for their fast customer support and their reliability. Even though they do not offer other types of hosting services such as VPS services but still they are considered to be really competitive in their field.

  • On Siteground, you can earn up to 75$ in commission.


Bluehost is often considered to be the most popular web hosting provider especially when it comes to shared hosting plans due to the crazy high speeds that they offer.

Their customer support is also known to be very well and appreciated by their customers.

  • They offer 65$ commission per sale that you get but if you have a good affiliate record and have a good enough audience, you can ask them to increase the commission rate up to 100$ dollars.
  • You will not need to be accepted manually by them to be an affiliate, you can become their affiliate simply by just filling out a form, and then you will be given your affiliate account with your affilaite link.


Hostgator is known for its reliable shared hosting services and also for the fast support that it offers to its customers.

Hostgator also offers an affiliate product that you can check. It offers a 60-day cookie period which means that your sales will still be tracked even after the sale is made many days after the click.

  • You can ake up to 125$ per sale on Hostgator

Best affiliates products in Email marketing

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular and one of the best email marketing services out there as it already has over 600,000 customers who are using its service to run their email campaigns.

It was launched back in 1995 which means that in 2022, it has over 27 years of experience.

  • Constant contact offers 105$ commission on every sale that you make.
  • Constant Contact also offers 5$ dollars whenever someone from your affiliate link just signs up for their trial without buying anything.


Sendinblue was launched back in 2012 which means that it is a young service if we compare it to other email marketing services but even being launched many years after its competitors, it has seen tremendous growth as now it has more than 86,000 customers.

Sendinblue is also seen as a really good affiliate program for beginners.

Sendinblue also offers two types of affiliate commissions.

  • Sendinblue will give you 100 euros whenever you make a sale.
  • Sendinblue will give you 5 euros every time someone from your affiliate link just makes a free account on Sendinblue.


Getresponse does not only offer Email marketing features but it also has features for other things such as building websites as well.

Getresponse has one of the best affiliate programs in the industry because of its commission and how easily, anyone can become an affiliate.

That’s because Getresponse does not require verification for someone to become their affiliate, anyone can sign up for their affiliate program and become their affiliate and can start promoting Getresponse with their special affiliate link.

  • Getresponse will offer you two types of commissions and both are a really good choices. You can either choose their bounty commission which will give you 100$ dollars on every sale that you will make or you can choose their 30% recurring commission.


Convertkit is an online software that provides a variety of tools to its customers ranging from email marketing to even building landing pages. It will also offer you tools that will help you in selling your products.

Convertkit also offers a really great affiliate program that provides a great value and I think is worth giving a shot.

  • Converkit offers a 30% recurring commission to its affiliate marketers for the next 24 months which means that I f you get a sale as an affiliate on Converkit, you will keep getting paid for the next 24 months as long as the customer keeps paying Converkit.

Other good affiliate programs


Semrush is an online software that provides a lot of tools mainly roaming around SEO.

The tools provided by Semrush have been proven to really help their customers in ranking their customers.

It was launched in 2008, and in those 14 years, they have really improved its website.

It is estimated that Semrush has more than 67000+ paid customers who are paying to Semrush monthly.

Semrush offers one of the best affiliate programs in its niche which makes promoting Semrush a really good idea.

  • Semrush offers 200$ on every sale that you make.
  • Semrush will also give you 10$ on every free trial that is joined by the customer from your affiliate link.


Skillshare is a website where people can come to learn skills online, you can take it s an online learning community.

It has courses on a large variety of topics so you can promote it to a large audience as well making it easier for you to get sales.

  • Skillshares offers a CPA commission which means that you will get 7$ on every free account that is made by your affiliate link.


Canva is an online tool that is used by people to make infographics, posters, documents, and other social media presentations.

  • Canva will offer you up to 100% commission


Udemy is a really big online course provider to learn skills where people come to sell heir courses and purchase courses for learning skills.

  • Udemy offers up to 100% commission to its affiliate marketers.


Namecheap is a very popular domain name provider which is trusted by more than 2 million customers around the world.

Namecheap also provides a great affiliate program that offers a really good value.

  • You can earn up to 35% commission per sale on Namecheap.


Thinkific provides an online platform to people who want to make courses and then want to sell them to others but unlike other platforms such as Udemy, with Thinkific you can sell those courses under your own brand name.

You can also check out its affiliate program which offers a great value for the efforts that you will put into promoting.

The affiliate program of Thinkific offers a 90-day cookie which is very beneficial for affiliates as sales which will be made tens of days after the user visitor Thinkific from their affiliate link will still be traced.

  • Earn a 30% recurring commission on every sale that you can make for Thinkific as an affiliate.

Pure VPN

Pure VPN provides VPN services as suggested by its name. Pure VPN is seen as a reliable VPN service provider since most of the user reviews were positive.

Pure VPN has more than 6500 servers in 78 different countries.

Pure VPN has its own affiliate program.

  • You will earn a 35% recurring commission on every sale that you can make on Pure VPN.


Choosing an affiliate product is an important thing to do in affiliate marketing and choosing the right can greatly improve your earnings.

so in this article, I mentioned some of the best affiliate products each in their own industry that you can try out without having the fear of whether the product is worth promoting or not.

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